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8 Important Health Tips To Follow In The Rainy Season
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8 Important Health Tips To Follow In The Rainy Season

Drizzling rains and pleasant weather enchant most of us with the arrival of monsoons after the sweltering heat of the summer. However, this season of pleasant rain showers brings along with it several health issues and increase our discomfort and hassles. So, it becomes essential to follow certain health tips and precautions to keep health hazards at bay. Scroll down to learn more about them.

Drink Boiled Water:

Often, most of us in the monsoons tend to suffer from water-borne diseases and infections that affect our digestive system adversely. So, make sure you drink boiled or filtered water only. Never drink tap water.

Follow A Healthy Diet:

Ensure you have a healthy diet and eat home-made food only. Avoid eating junk food and street food in this season to keep various diseases at bay. Do not eat raw salads and vegetables. Wash and clean the vegetables, cook them, and then eat them.

Maintain Your Surroundings Clean:

Harmful micro-organisms find the damp environment in monsoons favourable for their growth. And this leads to the onset of various infections. For instance, water-logged areas serve as a favourable breeding ground for the mosquitoes which may make you vulnerable to diseases like dengue and malaria. So, maintain your surroundings clean and dry. Even if you happen to catch a cold, make sure you clean your hands regularly and then eat. Use a good hand sanitizer, if need be.

Increase Your Vitamin C Intake:

Cold is one of the most common health hazards which all of us are prone to during the monsoons. Boosting your vitamin C intake can help you strengthen your immunity and drive away the cold virus quickly. Include fresh citrus fruits, such as oranges, sweet limes, lemons, and others, in your regular diet. It will help stimulate antibodies in your body and minimize the severity of the cold.

Have A Shower After Getting Wet:

It may sound weird to have a shower after getting drenched in the rains. However, doing so will only safeguard you from several infections which are on the prowl in this season.

Have Hot Drinks:

Having hot drinks and hot tea in the monsoons is quite rewarding for your health. After having a shower, dry your body, put on clean and dry clothes, and have a hot cup of tea, milk, or soup. This will prevent you from being a victim of the common cold or any infection which can affect you due to a sudden change in the body temperature.

Avoid Touching Your Eye Now & Then:

In the monsoons, eye infections, such as sty, corneal ulcers, dry eyes, and conjunctivitis, are known to be quite common. They may damage your vision if ignored. Touching your eyes with your hands, which may often have dirt, makes you vulnerable to catch an eye infection. So, it is best to avoid touching your eyes unnecessarily in this season.

Keep Your Body Hydrated:

With a drop in the atmospheric temperature in the rainy season, your intake of water may get reduced naturally. However, make sure you drink an ample amount of boiled or filtered water daily. Do not wait to feel thirsty, which you may rarely feel in the monsoons. Make sure you drink 8 to 10 glasses of pure boiled water daily as it will help eliminate toxins from your body easily.

Now that you know these eight crucial health tips to follow in the monsoons, make sure you follow all of them and enjoy a happy and healthy life in this drizzling season.


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