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A Beautiful Death!
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Why are conflicts considered to be always negative between loved ones, for when you think optimistically it can bring something beautiful into the story that wouldn’t have had a chance to exist if everything was always hunky dory. Objectifying the events occurring in our lives in a negative sense renders us with nothing but sadness.

Death, as considered to be the end of ‘an already lost soul in this oddly weird world’ may just be a spacial transmission of the soul into a better & peaceful dimension. We fail to appreciate the beauty of death since humans generalized the emotion of soul with their bodies.

Sometimes living hurts a little more than dying. A contradictory statement is never good for a story but the fact that I observed is, life is beautiful but death isn’t ugly either as the norms suggests. Just as there’s beauty in imperfections there is a beauty in death as well, all we need to do is view it in a different perspective.

Death, usually corresponds to loss, depression and other sorts of things to the people and their surroundings.

Why do we perceive death as a hideous trait of life?
This life that we live might just as well be none better than what we suppose of hell and maybe we achieve sophrosyne just after our soul departs from our body. Death may seem uncertain and ugly but it only occurs when our soul has reached the state of koyaanisqatsi and it has the fernweh for that serenity, the peace.
Because everything has a limit and so does the optimism or meliorism, if you may.


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