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Amazing Things That People From Different Walks Of Life Teach Us!
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Amazing Things That People From Different Walks Of Life Teach Us!

We are a population of 7.5  billion today, can you even imagine that number of people? They are everywhere. You go for a walk on the road, you’ll see people, you get on the social media, you’ll connect with people there. You, for a couple of days run away from the chaos of the city to find some serenity in a peaceful place close to nature, you’ll meet people even there. So basically, you love it or hate it, you gotta deal with people, and all kinds of them.

So, since the time we were little kids to our grown up days, we come across a huge variety of people. Some you’ll love, some you’ll downright hate, some you’ll learn something from and some you’ll end up inspiring, some you’ll easily be able to read and some will be so complicated that you’ll give up on understanding them. But most of all, there’ll be some whom you may have met just once or twice in your life, but they’ll leave a mark, teaching you something you can never forget. We all have such people in our lives, yes, the same faces that are popping in your head while you read this.

The other day there was this girl at the park, who had come for a walk early in the morning. Nothing extraordinary, isn’t it? Many people go for a walk in the morning, but, what made her different was this: She had this iPod with her on which there was classical music being played. She would run around the track with that music being played out loud and would sing herself as she ran. After a while she would sit on a bench and continue with her singing, with her eyes closed and hand gestures, she would seem completely lost in that music, everything at a place where numerous people were passing by and looking at her. Can you imagine doing that? Isn’t it good to sometimes let go of all the worries about what people will think of us? Sometimes, won’t it be amazing if we let go of all these “what if’s” and gave ourselves the absolute freedom to lose our self in our own happy place? Don’t we stress and care too much about what others will think and so little about how we, ourselves feel?

Here’s another example of how a simplest of acquaintance can teach one so much.


Once, in a waiting room of a railway station, among all kinds of people one finds there, some sleeping, some stuffing their mounts since forever, some tired of waiting, some lost in their newspapers, there was this one grandpa, roughly around eighty-seven. He sat for some time, got up in between with the help of his stick, walked around and came back and sat. He couldn’t even walk properly. A person sitting next to him told us, rather whispered, that this grandpa had no one left in his family. In spite of life being cruel to him, he didn’t give up. A fellow sitting there said to that grandpa in a rather complimenting tone, “Even after all this, your confidence is worth appreciating”. To this that old man, in his shaky voice, quickly said: “Confidence is all a person needs to be alive”. Now, in a world where everyone seems so stressed out, hearing this from an old man was a huge shock. We, in spite of having everything we need, complain so much, cringe so much over small things and senseless issues. Don’t you think, that if he at this age has the hope, courage and faith to go on come-what-may, we as young people should look at the positive things around us and stop complaining at once?



We as humans have this amazing ability to think, because of which we can learn a lot from a person, without even knowing or talking to them. We learn things that maybe no book or school will ever teach. Things that teach us the most important subject called “life”. There’s so much to learn out there if you are willing to get out of your self-created bubble of complaints. Get out of your comfort zone, travel to places you’ve never seen before, meet people, know how they live. Everyone has a story that is sure to fascinate. So, let’s get out and hear some fascinating tales, shall we?


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