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Why Parents Should Know That Today’s Generation Is Afraid Of Arranged Marriage?
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Why Parents Should Know That Today’s Generation Is Afraid Of Arranged Marriage?

There are several ‘once in a lifetime’ moments and events in a person’s life. And one such event is marriage. There was once a time when parents used to find the suitable better halves or soul mates for their kids, but with time and changing priorities, things have changed. A lot of people have welcomed this change, and some haven’t. Let’s see how and why parents should know that today’s generation is not ready for arranged marriage?


The Changing priorities: 

Nowadays, people regardless of their gender, etc. have set their priorities straight. There are goals to accomplish, and everyone has a dream job they’re working hard for. And because of all this marriage sometimes takes a back seat which often creates a pressure on the person from society.


The dream person:

When it comes to finding the one, nowadays everyone has a specific set of characteristics they are looking for in the other person. So, it becomes easier when you find the right one instead of trying to make another person change into the right one.


Trust issues:

Unlike before, today it is difficult to trust people. And when it comes to spending entire life with someone, the person needs to be trustworthy. Obviously, when a family arranges a wedding, they look after all of this, but it is also crucial for the two people to meet and understand each other before the wedding happens.



When arranged marriages happened, the typical ones where the couple getting married used to meet each other straight at the wedding, back then life was simple. For today, with both the guy and the girl pursuing their careers, their jobs, their set routines, it’s important for the two of them to meet and make some things clear beforehand.


The arrange marriage concept:

A marriage arranged by the family, where the actual people getting married have no idea about each other, is not at all a feasible marriage today. When a person has to spend their entire life with someone, it’s essential that they meet, talk, and spend some time together, so they can truly understand each other. Marriage shouldn’t be forced upon anyone by anyone. If two people meet after their families ask them to, and like each other, that’s great, because love can strike anywhere anyhow. But, what isn’t right is pressurizing someone’s choice on someone.


Love is a beautiful thing and finding the right person is bliss beyond words. A lot of things are changing with the changing times and so are marriages. Unlike the old times, people are now getting to choose their better halves. And no matter how much one might hear otherwise, there still are a lot of couples who are busy living happily ever after.


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