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Books Vs Movies: Why Books Are Better Than Movies
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Books Vs Movies: Why Books Are Better Than Movies

Nowadays, with every new episode of Game of Thrones and every new book of Harry Potter getting published, half of the young folks start getting excited and thrilled, speculating what it would be like.


Even while making new friends, before getting to know someone better, a potter-head would always want to know if the other person is a mad mad potter-head too. And if he or she is, there’s no turning back to the friendship, whatsoever. Books and movies can create and also break relationships in no time, that’s how important a part they play in our lives.


Recreating a book on the big screen is an age old trend. A lot has been said, written, debated and thought over what makes a better option the book or the movie. And bang on, the books always win. And not only just win, they win for certain justified reasons.


Let’s take a look, why books are better than movies.


Books set your imagination free

When you read a story, you look at the characters and the plot from your own point of view. Rather, you create your own point of view as you read the book. So, basically, a book offers a huge canvas to paint on with your imagination. You picture the characters in your head according to how you perceive what you read. No two people would picture one character in the same way after reading the book. That’s how magical, versatile and crazy human imagination is.


Reading is a different kind of happy

No matter how realistic or lively movies may seem, a book lover would surely second me on this. Reading gives you an incomparable kind of happiness, hands down. For a true blue book freak, nothing seems more peaceful and bliss than a day spent reading a nice book.


Books just let you be

Books don’t force you to go faster along the pace of the story. You read at your own pace and take your own time to let the story sink in, unlike movies where things happen according to the storyteller. Scenes you wanted to put some thought into come and go in no time and stuff you sort of hate stay on the screen forever, making you dislike a little bit the story that you once totally loved.


Books can be read anytime, anywhere

Books don’t need an entire setup which will take you to that magical world. All you need is the book, no matter where you are. At the airport, at home on a lazy Sunday, when you go to the mountains for solace, no matter wherever you are, books let you create your own world amidst the chaos of the world outside.


Books have been our best friends since a long time

No matter what, the saying sometimes holds absolutely true: Old is gold. And books have always been best of our friends since the time we were kids. From Alphabets to nursery rhymes, to Famous Five, Harry Potter, Nancy Drew (just to name a few), to the endless textbooks we read during our entire school life. Books taught us a lot and hence they just cannot be replaced. Books help us improve our vocabulary, thinking capacity and creativity. What you read surely lingers longer in your head than what you see.

Hence, without debating any further, looking at how significant role books have played in a human’s life, shall we conclude books were, are, and will forever remain absolutely amazing? Haven’t you already grabbed your favourite book and got yourself lost in it?



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