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These 5 Changes on WhatsApp May Add More Fun To It. Or Not?
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These 5 Changes on WhatsApp May Add More Fun To It. Or Not?

Well! well! well! who isn’t familiar with one of the most popular applications used worldwide – “WhatsApp”. Be it from the youngest generation to the oldest gen, everyone is accustomed to this app.


It has become like one of the basic needs in today’s high tech gen. It is most widely used application for communication between people. It is very much user-friendly and convenient to share various media.


What keeps this application interesting is the constant updates made in it, be it the latest ‘stories’ update that majority of us hate or be it calling people (video call or voice call). We were just wondering what a few new updates would do to bring more fun and masala in everyone’s life. Or not?


Read on to know more.


1. Gif as our display picture.





Just like Facebook (as every social media platform is now being made similar to each other) we would not mind having a feature on WhatsApp where we can update a Gif as our display picture. Let us all admit it that our life cannot be emoted in any better way than a Gif. If this update comes in, it will be pretty easy to figure out one’s emotional state and also a lot more captivating.


2. Can see other person’s last seen.  



Yeah, we know this feature is already present. But what you don’t know is, what if you have kept your last seen hidden and are able to see other person’s last seen? Whaaat? Interesting, right?


3.Get to know who saved your Display Picture.



Some of us keep on changing our display pictures and some just are not really interested in it. The one’s who keep changing their dps, be it a quote that they really liked or just a picture of themselves posing. What if you got to know who all have saved your dp? You would be more than okay if someone saved a quoted picture but what if someone saved a picture where you are posing? Could turn out to be a creep or you could just find out who has a thing for you? *wink wink*


4. Undo or delete the sent message before the reader reads it.



What if we could undo the message sent to a particular person? Just imagine sending the screenshot to the same person whose chat has been screenshot-ed? Yeah, you do not want to go down that road of embarrassment and neither the person on the other side who will live in the fear of texting you forever. Damn. We would definitely want this change. Wouldn’t we?


5. Moving Emoticons.



Now, we know that this feature will make it sorta similar to that of Facebook, but we also know that nothing else can express our feelings the way emoticons do. We wouldn’t mind a wiggling girl when we are super excited about something or a facepalm expression with a nodding head when our friend says something stupid to send it to them. We know we are going to need these on a regular basis because, well, let’s just say we know our friends very well. What do you think about this feature?


These are few pointers from our side. What do you think? Do you have more points that could add to the list? Please do comment and let us know.

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