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Childhood Memories: A Beautiful Rewind Down The Memory Lane
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Childhood Memories: A Beautiful Rewind Down The Memory Lane

And the most awaited monsoon is here…. Soothing us from the itchy heat, the rains are welcomed warm heartedly (what an irony!) The weather becomes just so pleasant. A glance through my office window at the cloudy sky from the 9th floor makes me want to go home, get comfortable on my couch, watch a Disney movie with some hot chocolate. Too much of imagination at work! that ain’t gonna turn in reality, so all I have to do is get back to my computer screen.

On my way home, the refreshing smell of the wet soil rode me back to the years when during this time of the year we would be all set to get back to school. Enthusiastically waiting for our new academic year to start, sitting with our dads with scissors and tapes and brown cover paper, covering our new books. Shopping with our moms for new school bags, tiffin boxes, uniforms, umbrellas, raincoats, pencil boxes, crayons, water bottles, rainy shoes and what not.

One memory led to another, it was like playing a cassette full of memories on rewind mode. And so the cassette continues to play…


Remember how eagerly we would wait for our first day back to school, meeting our friends, wanting our gang to be in the same division (section). Mini surprises would be like waiting for our new class teacher, is it gonna be our favorite teacher or the strict one. Wanting our teacher to partner us with our best friend for the semester, so we share our desk and call each other “partner” the whole time. Learning our first poetry from our “Balbharti” text-book.


Coming home, having quick snacks while watching our favorite cartoon series (of course not all of them together). To name a few: Popeye – the sailor man, Tom & Jerry, Pokemon, Recess, The Power-puff Girls, Duck Tales (woo-hoo), Captain Planet, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Tin – Tin, Scooby-doo, Swat Kats, Dexter’s Laboratory, The Flintstones, The Addams Family, The Looney Tunes Show, All the Disney characters – Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto! (Someone please stop me… Else we are gonna cry…)

After that, we would revise what had been taught at school (which was just a license to go out and play) and rush outdoors.


Playing games like Pakda Pakdi (Catch and Cook), lupa chupi (Hide-and-Seek), Dongar ka pani (Fire and Ice), vish amrit (Lock and Key), Badminton, Saakhli (chains), langdi, etc. I so pity today’s generation kids who are missing out all these stuff and already engrossed in technology. Well, let us continue with our memories…


Apart from the outdoor games, there were various indoor games also which were played especially during our summer holidays. These would include Snakes & Ladder, Ludo, Cards, UNO, Scrabble, Monopoly, The Business Game, etc.

Remember how we would fight over these games, when someone would cheat or when someone would lose or win?

Talking about summer vacation, how can we forget nani ka ghar? Our favorite holiday destination, right? Our nanis are the best. No matter how we are, she will always love us more than anyone else, our rescuer. Listening stories about her childhood, about our mom’s childhood, makes us visualize everything cause that’s the way she narrates stories. Also, those fictional stories about various animals teaching us life lessons at that tender age. And nani ke hath ka khana is what we all fall in love with, making it a obvious reason for us gaining some weight when we return back home (Well that’s why I am still fat :p) Remember Nanu taking us to parks, and getting us all stuff we point at like lollipops, candies, ice-creams, small toys. We all admit it that no one has pampered and spoiled us more than our grandparents!

Well, my cassette ended its side A. And I think it was damn nostalgic. Let’s just wonder if my cassette has got a side B or its empty. Till then let us know your favorite childhood memories.



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