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Why Is It Tough To Be A Chill Girl In Today’s Generation.
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Why Is It Tough To Be A Chill Girl In Today’s Generation.

All we humans strive for is some love, respect and happiness. And finding these seemingly easy things have become a difficult task nowadays. You just cannot be yourselves with people constantly judging you for everything. And there’s a whole new side to this when you are a woman. So, here’s a list post on five reasons why being a chill girl in today’s world has become a difficult job.

Judgements everywhere

No matter how, where, why you go, judgements and criticism are going to come your way. You are going to be judged for being too simple, too straightforward, too antisocial, too outgoing. This ‘too’ is always going to come in your way.

Being ‘Chill Girl’ or ‘Cool Girl’ has a definition

Being ‘chill girl’ should actually mean being able to be yourself, accepting yourself in your own skin. Believing you are beautiful just the way you are. But some people won’t understand, even your ‘same age’ people for that matter. A girl is supposed to go out all dolled up with a face full of colours, and clothes and heels that hurt, just because if she chooses to go out in sweatshirts and all natural, she is no more ‘cool’. Can we stop putting definitions on words and let people just be?

We’ve got it all wrong

Here’s a coolness starter pack: Be dressed up everywhere you go (literally everywhere), use (slang) words that are apparently cool (?), (pretend to) love loud music and DJs, drink and smoke and you are good to go. And if you don’t, you are straight out of the league. Coolness should mean being at your most comfortable being. Why can’t coolness come in all forms and types?

Faking is the new smart

It’s difficult to be cool in today’s generation because everything has to be fake. Fake smiles, fake gestures, fake wishes, fake beings. People have different masks for everywhere they go, staying cool in such a world feels so wrong. Let’s end this fakeness game, shall we?

We overthink

We think too much about everything. Like for the most unimportant thing like, is my dp good enough, was I good when I spoke to that random person yesterday, will everything be fine today? Hello! Stop and take a deep breath. Just let everything be.

In the race to be the smartest and coolest, we somewhere forget what these words mean, and that is why it’s become difficult to be cool in today’s generation. Give this a thought, and you’ll be sure how massively wrong we are.

It’s difficult to be a chill girl because we have taken so much a burden, for being a chill girl. Can you see the irony there? So, let go of it all and try to be your best possible self. Love yourself just how you are and set out new definitions and standards for a ‘chill girl’.


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