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Confused If It’s Love Or Infatuation? Then This Is For You!!
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Confused If It’s Love Or Infatuation? Then This Is For You!!

Hello People!

One thing that I am sure of is, almost all of us have come around this question in our lives atleast once, whether Its Love or Infatuation that we feel for the person or vice versa!

Let me help you figure it out! For all the teenagers and young blood out there, its important for you to understand the difference between the two before calling it LOVE and making commitments!

Miley Cyrus once said in one of her songs, “They say that good things take time! But really great things happen in the blink of an eye”, this doesn’t really stand true for all the people in this crazy world. The feeling that has grown with time, has seen ups and downs and still grown stronger with time is LOVE but the one that happened on watching how pretty she looks at the coffee table opposite to you is definitely not Love!

LOVE happens when you know the person, you have seen different sides of that person, when you accept the person for what he/she is (Ofcourse helping them to be better) whereas infatuation mostly is all about physical appearance, deep eyes, curvy body and personality!

And not to forget, In LOVE there is no insecurity but just to the contrary feelings such as Possessiveness, insecurity and jealousy take over other feelings when its infatuation!

Love demands understanding and infatuation is all about expectations, mostly unfulfilled.

Love is mature and infatuation is absolutely immature! You would give space and time to the person you love but if its not Love you would turn interfering and demanding time from your partner!

In Love, your partner would want and help you grow and do good in life, but infatuation would not ! Love gives but infatuation demands!

These are two very different feelings and shouldn’t be ever confused as synonyms or similar things!

Give your relationship time! Try to figure out what it means to you as well as your partner! Go Slow! Think before making commitments! and Don’t Be Afraid From Falling In Love!


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