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12 Situations That We Don’t Need To Give A Fuck About But We Give It Anyway!
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12 Situations That We Don’t Need To Give A Fuck About But We Give It Anyway!

A lot of times in life, we repeatedly tell ourselves that some things aren’t significant but our mind refuses and loves to spend a chunk of energy and time on the exact nonsense stuff. Here are 12 situations that we don’t need to give a fuck about but we give it anyway.

Social Media validation.

No matter how long almost a book articles one reads or writes on how a person being or looking isn’t decided by others but the person themselves, we fall for the social media trap. We know it doesn’t matter, we know nobody cares, we know it’s all fake, but we still calculate who liked, who commented and who didn’t and keep the record very, very safe in our minds.  

The small talks but long thinking hours.

Do you find yourself in situations where you’ve had a casual conversation with a totally everyday person but once you are idle, you seem to think about every damn word you spoke and what the other person said and analyze all of it till the point you start wondering if you are in love with the other person or something, even when you aren’t, at all? That’s something we shouldn’t be doing but do.  

Explaining your opinions.

It’s a different thing when you are having a deep conversation. But, when you know the other person won’t consider but you still helplessly keep explaining hoping for a miracle, you need to start giving less effs.  

Trying to change someone.

You know it won’t happen. You know it’s impossible. You know it’s going to hurt you if you try to change someone for the good. But you still do.  

What do people think?

The cliché thing. Spending hours wondering what others think of you. You know ain’t nobody got time for that.  

Things you cannot change.

Okay, this one’s got a deep meaning. Stop caring about the things that are absolutely out of your control. For the good, of everybody.  

Dealing with critics.

When you are up to something good, some people can’t take it. And they criticize, you feel bad. You behave like you don’t but you still do. So, here’s a goal, reach that level of coolness where you actually don’t care.  

Do I look good?

“Firstly, everyone looks good, if they feel good. So, stop caring about that be your own true self”. You’ve read such lines tons of times and still worried, haven’t you?  

The successful person.

There’s always this one person who always seems to win at life. You know everyone has their days and that all those who look happy maybe aren’t in reality. But you still compare and make yourself feel small for no reason at all.  

“Loves me, Loves me not”

A been there done that situation for everyone. Figuring out if your crush loves you. Stop that shit, if they do, you’ll know. It’s nonsense to waste so much energy into all that instead of doing something useful.  


A game human brain loves playing. Also, there’s this constant worry about what if someone’s gossiping about you. How does that even matter, huh?  


It’s funny how people have become so judgemental nowadays. It’s like they involuntarily judge the people in their frame of eyesight. Can we just stop giving so much damn about other people’s lives and live ours and also let them live theirs? There are a lot more such situations, you see? It’s a subtle art we all need to learn and master. So, how long have you come in mastering it?”

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