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E-Reader vs Books: What Should Readers Buy Kindle OR Books?
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E-Reader vs Books: What Should Readers Buy Kindle OR Books?

Ever since the launch of Kindle around a decade ago, the one question that has most often been discussed in literary circles is which is better, kindle or book? There is always a feud of E-reader vs books?



Now, anyone born before the 2000s who has grown up reading good old paperbacks will clearly remember how much fun it was to scourge library aisles and bookstores for one’s favourite books. That sweet musty smell of books, old and new, made for some good aromatherapy and of course the serendipity. The joy of discovering a book that turned out to be life-changing. The joy of owning a copy of the book that you loved. It is personal, a part of it is yours to cherish.



And then came the technology revolution, and bought Kindle with it. Today, many of us swear by it, it’s so easy and convenient to use. No more lugging those hardbound paperbacks in buses, trains or flights to read.

No more scouring the libraries for hours for that one book you want. One can simply download the e-book or buy a Kindle edition. It is so convenient to read lying down before bedtime instead of doing a complex chakrasana only to be able to balance the heavy paperback. So many advantages right?



But then, can you smell a Kindle? Can you keep your first rose in your Kindle to cherish it forever, only to find it years later, almost immortalised? Can you add a rosy sheen to the already beautiful biblichor?

Can you pick up a weathered copy of your favourite book that you may have read umpteen number of times over the years, and find side notes that make you smile now? I bet you can’t do that with a Kindle, irrespective of how many times you read a book on it, your mind always struggles with E-reader vs books.



Since I love reading and books so much, they are also my best gifting options. What better than to gift the best story you have read, to your friends, or kids? But can you keep gifting a Kindle to everyone you love? Most probably, not. And how sweet it is to be able to personalise a book with a sweet message and signature at the front of the book and be remembered forever?



Did you know, paperbacks had another important function in the olden times? Remember the movies where the boy and girl knock down each others’ books in the library and end up falling in love? Imagine, some people not meeting their soul mate because they decided to start using a Kindle?



For me, owning a book is an emotion. Being with that book over the years is a journey, of time and wisdom. No points for guessing, I prefer to read physical books, bought or library lent, even though I own a Kindle.

So has your mind settled the feud between E-reader vs books? What’s your go-to, tell us in the comments.


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