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Let’s put an end to period shaming together. #EndPeriodShaming
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Let’s put an end to period shaming together. #EndPeriodShaming

How do people manage to be more disgusted with Periods than with rape, murder or violence? It’s a funny fact that even after Periods being a sign that a woman is healthy and fit to conceive, we still consider it a taboo. It’s hard to believe that even today Period Shaming is a thing, two years back a 9th class girl killed herself after her teacher Period Shamed her in the class in front of everyone.


Menstruation or the many code words we have invented for it is real and to many a painful time of the month. All the mood swings, body aches, and emotional instability is part of the biological hormonal changes that occur in the body and nothing a woman chooses to do.


Till today we hold myths about periods that are completely stupid such as:

  1. A woman on her Periods would contaminate the food or impure the house. Well, this is utterly baseless in today’s time due to proper sanitation and cleanliness. Periods or Menstruation have nothing to do with the impurity or purity of a house.
  2. Women are weak during periods. Several countries offer sick leave to women on periods but it is more debilitating than supporting as women are considered, weak during the menstrual period.
  3. Pads need to be kept unseen or apart from everything else. This is completely false and a clean unused pad can do no harm. However, used pads should be disposed of properly for hygiene reasons.

The Period is a disease or a liability. That has to be the worst myth that has been developed against periods. A timely and regular period indicates good health and fertility. Women suffer from fewer diseases until they menstruate.


I definitely have 3 things to say to everyone out there who is period shaming someone or is still disgusted by Periods:

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  1. All women get Periods and it can be extremely painful most of the times, so be kind.
  2. Talking about Menstruation, pulling a tampon/pad out of your bag in public is not an offense, nor the girl is a criminal. Stop reacting.
  3. Educate children about Periods – guys and girls equally.


There are also 3 things I need to tell women who get periods.

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  1. You are not weak and you can still do everything you do every day and a red stain on your clothes doesn’t shame you.
  2. Eat more sugar to keep your energy levels high and take short breaks and relax your body muscles during school/college/work.
  3. Speak about your problems, doubts and feel free to ask questions. We create taboos and the responsibility to break them is on us.

There is no need to pack your pads in three newspaper folds at the medical, nor stay out of functions because you, my girl are no impurity.


Anyone telling you otherwise needs to sit for some extra periods on biology.


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