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What should you expect from the Knockouts of Fifa World Cup 2018?
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What should you expect from the Knockouts of Fifa World Cup 2018?

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is undoubtedly the talk of the day, so it is time to start thinking of the upcoming fixtures/schedule as the group stage draws a curtain on the 28th of June 2018.

The question is, who has the easiest path to the finish point, and which nation lifts the cup? Actually, nobody knows for sure, but that’s even the more better reason why it is fun to guess.

The line up for the last 16 of the FIFA world cup was finalized on Thursday 28th night as Colombia, Japan, England, and Belgium completed their group campaign.

After Thursday’s play, the below matches were scheduled for the last 16 of the 2018 FIFA world cup.



As scheduled, the knockout stage of the 2018 FIFA world cup kicks off with France and Argentina, this is no mistake, although it seems surprising to every football fan. It is like setting up a stage for two lions to fight on, so that’s the more reason why we have made it our consent as to bring ideas to the public and perhaps get some contributions on their views as well.



Looking at France, they have performed great, and were able to get past the group stage, qualified first in group C with seven points, but netted just 3 in the process.

Argentina, on the other hand, has faced a rough road in the group stage but were lucky enough to make it through the groups with 4 points, beating Nigeria to a 2:1 victory to qualify in the second place after Croatia.

From what has already been displayed, it is quite clear that France has more opportunity over Argentina to make it through the knockouts. But as it is well said that “the game of football is like a biscuit, you never know where it breaks from” it is thereby wrong to draw conclusions on the qualifying teams.



Perhaps at least we can make suggestions, we can discuss what we think is likely to happen and a sentimental argument cannot justify that. So we are going to discuss it with all possible knowledge we have.

Let’s start by taking a look at the squad in each team and their performances so far.

In France, world-class defenders like Umtiti, Varane, Hernandez with midfielders and forward like Griezmann, Mbappe, Dembele, Giroud, Kante and the rest will be fully featured in the game.

Also in Argentina, there are likes of world-class players like Otamendi, Rojo, Mascherano, Banega, Di Maria, Dybala, Higuain, Aguero and Leo Messi, a five-time Ballon d’Or winner. So when such players show up on a team, the world has a lot to talk about.

Following the head to head stats on France vs. Argentina it is proven that Argentina has been crushing down France. The stats show that out of 11 games played, Argentina has won 6, drawn thrice and lost only twice which is vice-versa to France.

These stats although could not be used to predict their current form because it is believed that both the nations have implemented certain reformations and changes. But it can at least give a glimpse of what might become of tomorrow.



It has been a Topsy-Turvy time in Russia for both teams, however, as both sides have failed to live up the expectations placed on them with unconvincing performances against smaller sides.



The Saturday night will be warmed up by Uruguay and Portugal, both the teams have key players like Suarez of Uruguay and also Ronaldo of Portugal. Ronaldo is the first player to score a hat-trick in the 2018 FIFA world cup, after giving his country 1 point against the big side Spain through a 3:3 draw.

But despite this hilarious show-up, it will never be fair to say that Portugal is going to qualify against the Uruguayan side, who has secured the first place in the group stage having won all three games and walked away with full 9 points. The chances are now equal, so I guess it is the time that fate does its work.



On Sunday awakes the Spanish sides against the host Russia. Russia has surprised everyone with their superb performance, but it doesn’t mean they are any match for the Spaniards, so the chance for Russia is very slim. But as it is football, it is quite too harsh to suggest anything cause the impossible can actually become possible.



Sunday evening opens up for Croatia and Denmark, with Croatia qualifying first place against Argentina it is believed that they are full of energy and play really good, but the Danish are just as impressive, so they are going to cut the tangle loose on Sunday evening, one that everyone would be waiting for.



On Monday, Brazil will take in Mexico. Already, a lot of fans believe that Brazil will not just beat Mexico but also take the cup. Their guess needs to be considered, but that should be after thinking what the Mexicans did to Germany who is now out of bait. Mexico crushed down the German side to a 1:0 victory which has contributed to their loss in the competition, so it should be well thought about before saying that Brazil will be on the safer side. Remember football at times can be very funny.



Without hesitation, the Belgians will go all the way against Japan. Belgium qualified first in their groups after crushing down England to a 1:0 win on Thursday night. With the likes of Eden Hazard, Lukaku, etc. it is believed that Japanese will have no solid ground against them. It will be kicking off Monday, so use a little patience and prepare for the uncovered.



On Tuesday being the last day of the round of 16, the Swedish will take the Switzer’s while England will take Colombia later that Tuesday evening.
The four teams have since proven themselves worthy of a greater chance, but as football may have it, only one of two will be able to push on to the next stage.

So feel free to talk to us about your view, and chat with us on social platforms about your opinion, we are always ready to entertain your questions and consider your possible answers and suggestions.


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