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Game Of Thrones: 10 Times Where GOT Actors Nailed It With Their Acting
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Game Of Thrones: 10 Times Where GOT Actors Nailed It With Their Acting

Who does not watch Game of Thrones these days, the best television series by far?

Half the world knows about this awesome trending show, its diverse characters, their unpredictable behaviors and the splendid people who play them.

The sheer unpredictability of this show is appreciated by many, no one can tell what may happen and who might die, literally, no one can tell. Except for this one guy G.R.R.Martin the writer of this historical fantasy fiction. So put whatever you are doing aside and read some of the best scenes portrayed by some of the best actors in the history of television and literature.

Cersei Lannister

This was the most powerful scene of Cersei’s after her walk of atonement. The news of her daughter’s death adds to the grief of the already distraught Cersei, it made her angry and sad at the same time. It takes a matter of a second that changes her expression of euphoria (the news of her daughter coming) into an aggrieved face (after seeing her only daughter brought in a coffin).

Cersei is the lioness who protects her cubs from everything and cares for them no matter what, one can only imagine the hole in her heart after seeing her daughter dead. Hats off to the amazing Lena Headey who portrays the character of Cersei in Game of Thrones.

Jaime – Brienne

We hated this guy when he pushed Bran out of that window, he was the evil guy before Joffrey came in the scenario. But in a particular scene with Brienne, Jaime Lannister the Kingslayer spoke his heart out, as to why he did what he did, in order to save his family and the realm. Not all his deeds were justified in that moment but we somehow felt bad for this guy.

He said he didn’t even get the chance to explain himself, the honorable Ned Stark judged him guilty without even hearing his side of the story. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau gave an exceptional performance, he convinced us that there can be some good and bad in each of us, even Jaime Lannister.

Tyrion’s Trial

Ah, everyone’s favorite character, Tyrion Lannister. (That rhymed) what can I say about this brilliant man, with his wits he has always managed to win our hearts. Tyrion’s trial gave us a sneak peak of his emotional side, his love for Shae and his innocence in the matter of Joffrey’s murder, not that we ever doubted him. All of this was not well received by his father and sister. Cersei was convinced enough that Tyrion was guilty of her son’s murder and she wants revenge, all the witnesses were against him, even Shae, his beloved Shae. A perfect display of drama on television. Our man Peter Dinklage gave an outstanding performance here. All hail Tyrion of the House Lannister.

Sansa – Ramsay

This my friends, was the most satisfying thing happened in the whole series. I mean, Ramsey deserved that end, he got the taste of what others might have gone through, that level of brutality. The extent of torture he inflicted upon Sansa and Theon. I bet everyone was waiting for his death, waiting for this sadist bastard to die.

Even though we never would’ve imagined him dying like this, his own loyal bitches gnawing at his face. I must say, the epicness that Game of Thrones brings to death scenes is palpable.

We applauded at the satisfaction on Sansa’s face whilst Ramsay was being eaten. Iwan Rheon remarkably played the evilest character and was successful in making us hate him, while Sophie Turner who plays Sansa did a great job too.

Lysa Arryn

This was an interesting character played by Kate Dickie, the confusion and distrust that she portrayed were phenomenal. She played a fiercely overprotective mother who kept her son at her side no matter what.

We could make out that the only salvation left in this woman’s life was her son and the man she loved. Her depression, her turmoil, her suspecting behavior everything was acceptable. The way she held Sansa at the moon door willing to throw her over, showed us how ferocious she can get when someone tries to snatch her loved ones.


The Purple Wedding – Joffrey

This, second greatest satisfactory moment for every GOT fan. Joffrey dies, he fucking dies, this sadist creature. This guy was hated by many, to the extent, that I bet people might have celebrated his death.

Hats off to the actor Jack Gleeson though, he showed us the different faces that a psychopath can wear. We could easily notice the quick shifts in his mood, his bipolarity was obvious. The kick he got from picking on Tyrion whenever he got a chance, his overpowering madness and his mood swings surely helped us imagine how the mad king might have been. Joffrey shows a tremendous display of death when he gets poisoned, all credit goes to the amazing Jack Gleeson.

Theon Greyjoy and his Torture

Theon Greyjoy, more like Theon no joy. He was good at first, a good friend, an obedient ward, a nice guy but when he turned on the Starks to just prove his authority, he fucked up. He paid for whatever wrong he did, and he paid quite more, considering the torturous behavior of his captor Ramsay. Poor guy lost his dignity his manhood, his ego about being the Prince of Winterfell was well besmirched by Ramsay Bolton.

Alfie Allen who plays the character Theon did great justice to the character and the scenes he was present in.

Hodor’s Death Scene

Pull out some tissues, coz this is the most emotional scene in the whole series. This innocent giant of a man had nothing to do with the politics of Game of Thrones or any other personal dispute with anyone, yet he got entangled in the ongoing storyline and eventually sacrificed himself. Many fans had a soft corner for this simple-minded stableboy, his innocent behavior swamped us into loving him.

Hodor helped Bran in many ways, he was Bran’s helping hand from the day of his fall, from carrying him from one place to another to sitting beside him whenever he was needed. Hodor became a hero figure for everyone when he sacrificed himself to save Bran’s life, that was the saddest moment. The actor who played the character, hats off to him.

Lady Olenna Tyrell

Now, this is an interesting character, there is not a single scene which has her presence and is not sassy. The Lady Olenna Tyrell the queen of thorns, call her by any name, she will just smirk and pass on a vicious comment which might or might not hurt your feelings. Yes, a badass she is but when it comes to her family she is protective. She does what needs to be done to protect her family name and her grandchildren. We got to know about it in a particular scene with Tywin Lannister where he tries to convince her for the marriage between Cersei and Lores. I mean a total badass, her sarcasm level is always on point. All hail to the actress who plays the part, the amazing Diana Rigg.

Ramsay Bolton

Ramsay Snow, bastard of Dreadfort and then Ramsay Bolton, the Lord of Winterfell. This man’s titles changed with a great pace, but his psychopathic sadistic behavior persisted. GOT fans hate him for the way he treats others, especially Theon and Sansa, but we also respect the man Iwan Rheon who plays the character, hate the character, not the guy who plays it. Ramsay takes pleasure in torturing others, one of his lines “ if you think this is going to be easy for you, then you’re not paying attention”. He literally castrates Theon just for the pleasure of watching him scream in pain and making him his slave, Reek. This character is a perfect example of how humans should not be. How position and power get into your head and fucks up everything for everyone else.

These were some great characters and their significant scenes from Game of Thrones, where they merit in the skill of acting and give us the pleasure of watching it on television.

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