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Why Gaslighting Can Prove To Be Extremely Dangerous?
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Why Gaslighting Can Prove To Be Extremely Dangerous?

Before heading straight into depths, let us understand what gaslighting exactly means. Gaslighting is when a person or a group of people, question, disapprove or disagree with another person’s or group’s belief to an extent where even the latter starts to doubt their opinions and beliefs.

We all are unique in the way in which we think, look at something or perceive something. As we grow up, through our experiences, we form our opinions and beliefs about many things. Even the day to day incidents plays a significant role in shaping up our perspective.

And gaslighting means manipulating a person to an extent where the person itself starts to doubt or feel unsure about his thoughts. Mostly overconfident, narcissists and egoist people tend to do this.

Gaslighting mainly being a psychological term also has a lot of short as well as long-term mental disorders associated with it. Gaslighting can also be seen as a part of bullying and teasing.

Often people who are weak and easily shaken or carried away by other person’s words find themselves being a victim of gaslighting, which is actually very, very unethical and wrong.

If a person becomes a victim of gaslighting, the person is going to question all values right from honesty, trust, and freedom of opinion.

Everyone has the freedom of having their own opinions and also expressing them, but making someone doubt themselves just for the sake of your own benefit is something highly undesirable and unethical.

With a lot of psychological disorders and problems coming up, gaslighting has also increased quite a lot, being found in all places and among all age groups right from schools, colleges to the workplace and everywhere else.

Doing this to someone is obviously not ethical, but if you find yourself being a victim of it, or if you find someone around you being a victim of it, know it at the earliest and keep a safe distance. Be firm in your beliefs and don’t let anyone question or easily manipulate your way of thinking. Raise your voice against anything unethical happening to anyone. There’s this fantastic quote by Napoléon Bonaparte: “The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people. But because of the silence of the good people.”

The lifestyle today is such that everyone is going through some kinds of small or big problems and facing stressful situations. The high rate of depression in all young and old people is a solid proof for this. And so are other psychological conditions like these.

So, if you find anyone around you trying to make you a victim of gaslighting, keep a close watch and examine. Understand at the right time and take the required action like telling people around you about this, or making the person who’s trying to do this understand that you aren’t someone who gets easily carried away.

It’s become easier to manipulate people nowadays because almost everybody is not in a healthy state of mind. People tend to give up, fall prey to and get carried away with false promises, fake people, and sugar-coated words. These are times when trust issues have increased alarmingly among everyone.

So, it’s essential to keep your cool, stay confident and play it safe. No matter how broken you feel inside, don’t let anyone take advantage of your state of mind. Among all such things, there’s a lot of good also there in the world. Focus on the brighter side, stay precautious, always wear confidence and you are ready to take on the world.


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