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10 Simple Ways Which Can Reverse Global Warming.
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10 Simple Ways Which Can Reverse Global Warming.

It’s really a no-brainer that each one of us needs to do something to reverse Global warming. It’s no longer limited to actions or bans proposed by the governments across the world. At the end of the day, everyone is responsible for our carbon footprints. No effort is small, because once you acknowledge that climate change is real, that it’s going to impact you and your children, the struggles that undertake will not only help you or your kids, it can also inspire others around you to follow the same.

I am going to try and put down some simple steps that each of us can implement in our day-to-day life.


Plastic Use – Reduce, reduce, reduce

There’s no more innovative way left to say this. We really need to stop using PLASTIC. Banning plastic bags is not going to help anymore. We need to stop using plastic cutlery, bottles, sippy cups, or any other way you are using plastics in your daily life. It may be cheaper than its glass, ceramic or stainless-steel counterparts, but carcinogen producing plastic that ends up giving you cancer proves way too expensive in the long term. It not only wreaks havoc in your life but also with your family’s and finances. Also, buy a shopping bag and say no to store polybags.


Carry A Coffee Mug


Its such a simple solution for an immense amount of plastic/paper/Styrofoam cups that can be found each day in every office around the world. Not only drinking hot coffee in a plastic cup harms your health, but it also has a HUGE impact on the environment. Buy a beautiful ceramic mug with a witty caption, and who knows, you could be the next trendsetter for a noble cause.


Eat Responsibly


Again, it’s not news that almost half of the world’s population is starving or malnourished. It’s not fair that any of us should be wasting food. Any food you waste takes a lot of energy to be produced, processed, delivered to your grocery store, bought to your home, the packaging material used, and the energy consumed to cook it. Make sure that you can justify that much energy. Either give it away in time to the needy or feed the birds or animals or re-use it in some way. Make it count.


Feed the animals

Recently, my daughter was reading a book which said, “What do the cows give us? Milk and meat”, and it got me thinking. Animals don’t give us anything. We take it from them, forcibly. And what do we give them in return? Nothing but cruelty. Now, I am not asking you to turn vegetarian and stop eating animals. But the least we can do is, feed them good food too. After all, we eat all their by-products. So, don’t wait for the farmers to do all the hard work. They are already toiling away for nothing. We take so much from nature in the form of fresh air, milk, water, plants and meat products. Return a little to nature every day. Water the plants, share a little food with the animals close to you. Keep out some water bowls and food for birds and cows and stray animals.


Save Water

All of us have been hearing about this since school. And yet, how many of us really do something about it? There are small little things you can change about your life that will help you save so much water. E.g., RO usage leads to a lot of water wastage. Store that water. You can use it for washing your clothes, doing your dishes and watering the plants. When I started doing that, I found that one day of RO wastage was enough for one full load of laundry and mopping the house and doing the dishes. Imagine if all of us saved that much water every day! Also simple steps like closing the taps when not in use, and fixing leaky faucets go a long way in saving water.


Travel Smart

Not all of us have access to easy travel options like metro or buses. But if you do, use them. Not only it will save you a lot of bucks in the form of gas or car servicing, but it will also save you a lot of headache in search of a parking spot. And guess what, it’s healthy too. Walk a little from your home to the metro/bus station and then back home. Imagine getting a good walking exercise while putting in the same hours at work. You are helping the environment while saving up on your gym time. If you do need to drive, try car-pooling. Again, cost-effective as well as saves you from the drab of driving every day.




Try to use less paper. Everything that can be done online should be done online. Use double-sided prints. Use single sided copies for writing notes or colouring sheets for kids. Don’t throw your vegetable and food scraps in the dustbin. Fresh food scraps are food for cows. If you have the animals close by, give it away. If not, return it to the soil. It could be in a small garden if you have one. If you are ready to do some extra work, making your compost is not a big deal too. You can find details about it here.


Use biodegradable sanitary napkins.


Since hygienic biodegradable sanitary napkins are available in the market now, there is no reason as to why we shouldn’t be using them. You can choose from cloth pads or the silicone menstrual cup.


Buy intelligently


One bottle of 1.5l requires less energy and produces less waste than three bottles of 0.5l. As well, buy recycled paper products: it takes less than 70 – 90% energy to make recycled paper, and it prevents the loss of forests worldwide. Buy fresh food instead of frozen. Frozen food uses ten times more energy to produce.




In this world that has everything disposable essentially, recycle your waste. Before throwing out anything, think if there’s any way you could use it. Could you use your online shopping carton to make a DIY toy for your kid? Not only it is pocket-friendly for you, but it also develops your kids’ imagination. Have old clothes? Donate. Throwing out your old phone because it has gotten slow? See if you can reset it to make it faster.

Accepting Climate change is the first step. Only then can you start questioning every step to think if you could do it better. If you feel you have better solutions than do share it with us and folks around you.


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