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Hindi Medium: Slap On The Education System
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Hindi Medium: Slap On The Education System

This movie is a slap on the education system given a dosage of comedy. It is entertaining and at the same time an eye opener. Following are few reasons why Hindi Medium is definitely a must watch for everybody today.

There is a particular scene in the movie where Irfan khan’s character Raj, who being a rich businessman is standing in queue for an admission form for his daughter, under the RTE Act. He tried everything for his daughter’s admission in the city’s best schools, but couldn’t get through it. And now he is standing in line for the RTE, that is admission under Right To Education. He definitely knows that he is rich enough to not take admission under RTE but for his daughters sake and the lengthy process tried earlier, makes him helpless.

This scene clearly depicts the education system in the society. The big schools have become more like a status symbol than education institutions. And, people are ready to take wrong ways as well, for that status. Also, since there is an understanding of this huge urge to be a part of big schools, there are definitely the wrong ways present to get things done, portraying failure of the system.

In the movie, the underprivileged friend of Raj, Shyam finally figures out that Raj has deceived him and the system for his daughter’s admission. When he goes to reveal the truth, he is unable to do so because he meets Raj’s daughter and his conscious doesn’t allow him to complain as he considers Raj’s daughter as his own. A few days of staying together as neighbors, this poor man thinks of Raj’s daughter as his own.

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This is how the education system and its procedures has made people today. There are so many Rajs today eating up seats of children like that of Shyam’s and we are unable to help that. We have NGOs funded by people like Raj, teaching the underprivileged kids. This is a thing definitely for all of us to reflect upon. There is a beautiful scene in the end where Raj gives a speech and finally takes a call about his daughter’s admission. After doing a lot of things for status, for his daughter’s admission, he finally does something which his conscious approves of, irrespective of what the society would think of him or if it would change any bit.

We have a lot to take back from this movie as it a perfect depiction of helpless parents with only one mission that is to get their child’s admission done. It also shows the real thought process of the poor, in the context of education through Shyam’s character. Raj’s character does everything wrong in the movie and in the end does what his heart feels like; this is the best take back from the movie. No matter how wrong you do and for whatever reasons the society makes you do it, at the end do things that your conscious approves of and there is no way that you would go wrong then.


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