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This Is How The Changing Face Of Festival Has Its Effects On Nature
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This Is How The Changing Face Of Festival Has Its Effects On Nature

So, the festival is over, God came to our households for 10 long days and we treated him with respect and showered him with sweets and dialects which only thrive on this special occasion. He came and we celebrated, celebrated with firecrackers, high volume cheap songs and of course the flickering lights which might make a blind person happy about his blindness.

He was here to bless us, to fill our homes with positive energies, to cleanse our souls when we bow down to him. He was here to shower us with the inner peace that we all desire, but in return, we bid him goodbye by playing ridiculous songs and cheap dancing.

The very essence of this festival has worn-out, one might say that depends on the individual, on how one understands the meaning of “celebration”, yes it’s true, but it is also important to celebrate our celebrations without creating a nuisance.



Initially, the Festival was celebrated to bring the community together by which people might get some time from their busy lives to actually get connected with the divine. But as the years passed this pious initiative got commercialized and all the fuss began. We started to bring in more illumination than the notions to serve the divine.

Now we create plaster idols consisting of hazardous materials which harm the existence of the very living god surrounding us, who doesn’t leave our side at any moment, the one that creates the very air we breathe the very food we eat, our Mother Nature.



This happens intentionally or unintentionally but it does happen, the rivers are polluted, the sea is polluted, the air is polluted. The chemicals released by the plaster directly hamper the marine life. The loud songs that we play create noise pollution, the firecrackers that we flame adds up to air pollution.



We as a society are educated enough to know and understand the consequences of our merriment on nature and yet somehow we decide to ignore it. Pollution is the main reason why humankind might face extinction. This is the time, we must take actions and make some serious decisions in order to protect nature, who we know has been protecting and providing for us humans for millions of years.


Not everybody is same, there are people celebrating this festival in the old way, bringing idols of mud and clay who create beautiful eco-friendly idols. God is the positive energy which attracts millions of people towards him, he’s not the size, shape or the enormity of a statue.

So we should stop making the same mistakes each passing year and celebrate this great festival with a greater objective and hope to harm nature as less as we can. It doesn’t mean that we stop celebrating festivals and kill our rich culture, we should follow the traditions, we must conserve our culture but without being a harm to the living god, Mother Nature.


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