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How To Get Away From Depression And Cherish Yourself
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How To Get Away From Depression And Cherish Yourself

Do you feel everything around you moving too fast and you find yourself stuck in a time that refuses to pass? Life has become chaotic. This is a fact we all got to accept. Many kinds of research and studies have been conducted, time and again to prove that a lot of people today, in some or the other way have been under some kind of mental stress and maybe even depression. Be it a student, an employee, anybody. Technology and the changing so-called easier lifestyle is slowly leaving its negative effects on humans. But, change is inevitable and ‘survival of the fittest’ is a motto mankind has been living with since forever. So, to all the people out there, who feel lonely, stressed out, overworked and depressed, we know it’s hard but we also know that you’re strong enough to deal with it. So, here is a little help for you to bring you back to your joyful happy self.

1. Know that people love you.


Had a fight with your friends? Feel like there’s nobody in the world who understands you? It happens sometimes, that people misunderstand and in the spur of the moment you end up isolating yourself. But, you need to know this that no matter what, there is going to be at least that one person, be it your family or anyone, to whom you are everything. They may fail to understand you at times but they’ll try their best to. So, open up to them. Tell them you don’t feel good and they’ll help you cheer up. Remember, isolating yourself for some me-time is okay, but opening up to your loved ones is equally important.

2. Find yourself a hobby.


If you feel useless, don’t let that dark cloud of hopelessness take over you. Understand that you are unique and that there is nobody who can do a “you” better than you yourself. If you fail at something it doesn’t make you a useless being. Find your strength. Fail at things but never stop trying new ones, and you’re sure to find your spark. You’re sure to find what you do best and enjoy doing. Just never stop exploring.

3. Know that life is worth it.


It is famously quoted, that “Life wouldn’t be easy, but it surely will be worth it”. Trials and downs are a part of life. At all those times when you end up frustrated, asking in agony “Why me?”, remember this, hurdles come to only those who are strong enough to take them and they only make you stronger. And you’ll get over it, the problems that seem like mountains now are going to be an inspiration five years from now, that if you could get over them then, you can get over them now. Let time heal everything and you keep working hard.

4. The world is beautiful.


Realise that the world is a beautiful place. Find joy in the little things, in those small moments, steal your happiness from them. Get fascinated, be curious. Ask questions, to yourself and to others. Find answers and keep trying. Meet people, make new friends. Travel to places you had never heard about before. Nature is the best healer. Take yourself for walks amidst trees and an open sky, lose yourself in awe of nature.

5. Do Some Self-Talk.

Yes, the most important part. Place yourself in front of that mirror and talk it out loudly. Everything you feel, let it out. Cry if you feel like. And then tell yourself to be strong and that you can make it through. Remind yourself of all the happy memories and gain strength from them. These self-talk sessions are surely going to make you feel better.

6. Try to control your thoughts.


This one is difficult, agreed. If controlling one’s thoughts was so easy a thing, nobody would’ve been stressed in the first place, but still. Try as much as you can to keep your thoughts positive. And if you cannot, don’t freak out or panic. Let your thoughts be, but gently try to take them towards all the blissful things. Things you love, you enjoy doing, people you care about and things that make you happy.

7. Set a goal, a new one.


Telling to set a goal when you are feeling down because you lost on your previous one is ironical, but important. Having a goal in life is going to boost your energy and enthusiasm to limits you cannot imagine. Forget about the goal you lost upon and take all the lessons you learned from it, with you. Set a new goal, see a new dream. Set a goal that you are confident of achieving, no matter how small it is. Because even if it is a small one, it is going to be your stepping stone towards a bigger goal. Set a small goal, to get yourself back to your confident, passionate self.

8. Let yourself be.


Last but the most important, just let yourself be. Don’t force yourself into anything, or any thought you don’t feel like going with. Don’t compare yourself with people around you and don’t ever try being like them just because you don’t like the way you are. Learn to love yourself and know your worth. Learning from people around you is a different thing than trying to be like them. Learn from them, ask them for help, but never stop being you.

Depression or stress isn’t something to feel bad about, it’s absolutely okay.

What you need to remember is that the best thing that is right now is that you are alive. Talk to people around you, open up no matter how stressed you feel, see a doctor if need be, but don’t shy away. Life is a beautiful thing and you are surely much stronger than you think.


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