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How to Speed Up your Android Phone – A Tech Guide
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How to Speed Up your Android Phone – A Tech Guide

Android Operating System, is the most used and popular mobile phone operating system. It’s used in over 2 billion devices around the world (according to Google I/O 2017).

But (every OS has some glitches and so do Android OS) not any OS or user is perfect. One of the major issues faced by an Android user is the phone becoming slow or freezing out, which happens due to high pressure on RAM and to overcome this issue we install various clean-up apps which do nothing but worst.

So, here are the simple tips on How To Speed Up Your Android Phone, without bothering of cleanup apps.

Most of the tech-guru guides on the web and videos on YouTube will make you install a third party application but by following these tips you will not need to download a single application.

If your Android phone has become extremely slow and hangs a lot here is what you can do –

1. Uninstall all the unused apps from your device, this helps the device dedicating more memory to the processors and make it smooth.

2. Uninstall all the apps that claim to boost your phone, Apps like Clean Master advertise a lot claiming to save battery and also boost RAM, these apps do a very little work and instead occupy a lot of ROM and RAM as they are always active in the background.

3. Keep clearing your recently opened apps, many of you might already be doing this. Though it might not be boosting your phone a lot, but solely using this with rest of the methods will help a lot.

4. Another good way of speeding up your phone is not using launchers and switching off your device animations from developers settings.

Pro-Tips For Quick Android Phone Boosting –

1. If you are having a hard time deciding which apps you should uninstall, just wait till your phone memory is full, go to the Google Play Store and search for an app, try to install the app and play store will prompt a message saying that there is no space and you should uninstall some applications. A complete list of the apps you have installed will appear and they will be sorted in the descending order of their usage, just uninstall the least used apps.

2. Another amazing way to clear up some space on your Android device is to clear the cache of your social media and other apps which caches a lot of data.

For example, if you open Facebook without an active internet connection, it will still load up some of your feed, that is cached data. Sometimes Facebook caches up hundreds of MBs. You can clear it by going to Facebook app settings and selecting ‘ clear cache ‘ & ‘ clear data ‘

NOTE – it will log you out of your Facebook Account*

Tryout these tips and let us know if it’s working or not.


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