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3 Underlie Lessons From Netflix Series -13 Reasons Why
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3 Underlie Lessons From Netflix Series -13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons why is a series which recently became popular for the unique concept. The series gives an idea of issues high school students face which if not dealt properly can lead to drastic consequences.



The series shows high school students who are 17 years old, which here in India we might consider to be in junior college. The lead character Hannah in this series faces serious self-confidence issues, is doubtful about finding friends, fitting in her new high school and this is where the entire problem is rooted. One after another, 13 reasons break her confidence from within which leads to a drastic action she takes.


In school it didn’t matter how you looked, what you did etc. but suddenly in high school, basketball or other sports players are ‘cool’ and being fat or too thin isn’t. Suddenly ones looks and what one does matters. At home, parents should prepare children for this change and at high school level teachers and other staff should try to ease it out for students. This age is difficult they say, but one can make it easier for them.


Break Through

The lead character Hannah faces problems and the main reason she is unable to face them properly is a vent out of emotions. Psychologists have said that piling up of emotions inside for a long time can lead to drastic reactions later. This is what exactly happens with Hannah. The second lead in the series, Clay, in one of the episodes is shown facing a lot of trouble emotionally but a friend helps him remove it all out and feel free.

Clay releases such energy in his body through some rock climbing. Hannah tries to release her emotions through poetry but it backfires. At high school level it is therefore essential that there is a way to break through whatever emotions are piled up inside. One can find these feelings stupid, but it is essential that they come out in some way or another.

One of the reasons why the recent Blue Whale challenge game became a success is because teens saw it as a way to break through. The game and its tasks gave their emotions a window to breathe. Therefore it is essential that especially teens have a right way to break through, to vent out.



Psychologists believe that childhood is the complete institution of what a child will be in future and is almost completely based on childhood experiences. However, there is a difference between love for children and good parenting. 13 Reasons Why shows this difference. Hannah’s parents love her but somehow due to their constant changing environment they couldn’t really be there for their child, talk and look out for her. On the other hand, Clay’s parents especially his mother makes it a point to be emotionally present for her child, which doesn’t work as much but efforts to be there emotionally are made.

Therefore, teens need to be taken care of as much as kids. Parents and high schools should consider the confidence of their kids and other issues which might look petty. There should be a good way for teens to open up and talk their hearts out to parents and friends and also involve themselves in extra curricular activities like Sports etc.



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