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What Is Better? Listening To Your Heart Or Brain?
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What Is Better? Listening To Your Heart Or Brain?

This or that? What is Better, listening to your Heart or Brain?

We all have faced this situation many times in our life where we had to choose to listen between our heart or brain. These decisions are not easy at all. This constant comparing never stops, and we always find ourselves in the same position figuring out what is better?

Whether it’s about buying that pretty dress online or choosing your life partner, it’s a constant battle of different perspectives.

So, what should you do? Follow your Heart or listen to what Brain is saying?

Well, just like you, I don’t know any better. But, I know one thing for sure that I always listen to both of them. So, here’s what I do:

1. First, I think about all the different reasons my heart could believe in favour of my decision.

2. Then, I present these reasons to my brain and let it decide what matters actually and what not.

3. I give myself a little time to think over it.

4. Slowly, things start to become clear. But, I still give myself a little time before making any final decision.

5. Finally, I put both of them together to make a decision.

6. And then, the most important part – I trust my decision, no matter what.


I know it sounds too mechanical, and it’s not necessary for me either to follow each step as written above. But, that’s the point! You don’t have to follow what I’m following. Make your own little rules and follow them whenever it’s required.

It’s your life, so live it as you want to. Take your decisions by your heart, or take the road your mind suggests – as long as you’re making your own choices, you’re doing it right.

It’s true that when you make decisions by your heart, often they are based on emotions rather than logic. But, that doesn’t mean that those decisions are wrong or could go wrong. Don’t think yourself weak if you are someone who prefers your heart over your brain. Likewise, it’s not necessary that when you make decisions by evaluating every fact and reason, they can’t go wrong.

We don’t know the future. We don’t know what will happen next or what could affect what. All we have is our present and our two perfectly capable organs for making some decisions that may or may not change our lives.

I know that this is not easy at all, but don’t make it too hard either. Just make a decision and own it. Life is not mistake-proof, and neither are any of your decisions. So, take a deep breath because you know wherever you go, whatever happens, you’ll survive!


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