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7 Motivating Activities To Celebrate International Literacy Day
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7 Motivating Activities To Celebrate International Literacy Day

Every year 8th September is celebrated as an International Literacy Day worldwide since 1967. According to the World Atlas in 2018, Andorra, Finland, Vatican City, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea all top as the world’s most literate countries with 100% literacy. India ranks 159th with 69.3% literacy. In India, Kerala tops with 93.91% literacy rate today. It’s not just kids who are unable to read and write. But, according to UNESCO, still, there are about 774 million adults throughout the world who are illiterate. And, two-thirds of this illiterate population are women.

As we all know, education has an unparalleled significance worldwide. It helps fight poverty and achieve a rapid economic growth. So, why not we contribute a little to boost the literacy as much as we can! Each one of us can participate in one’s most convenient way and make efforts to spread literacy around in all age groups. And, if you are wondering which motivating activities can help you celebrate International Literacy Day in your community or abroad, read this article.


Educate People The Significance Of Literacy:

People who are unable to read and write often face great hurdles in their routine life, experience limited job opportunities, and battle poverty. Spread the significance of literacy as much as you can. Interact with illiterate strata of society and encourage them to send their kids to school. Tell them how literacy can liberate them from the clutches of poverty. Motivate illiterate adults to join read and write programs conducted by certain NGOs and other organizations.


Tutor An Adult:

Take an initiative and teach an illiterate adult individual in your community to read and write. Make groups with your family and friends and conduct basic reading and writing classes. Certainly for illiterate adults in your vicinity on convenient days of the week. Ask one of the local libraries to join in your efforts to spread literacy around.


Organize A Book Drive:

A book drive involves collecting and distributing various books around in order to promote reading. Plan and hold a book drive and encourage reading in various age groups. Donate your books to the needy or a charitable trust.


Begin A Book Club Nationally/Internationally:

You can start a book club at a local, national, and international level and promote reading. It’s one of the best ways to spread literacy on a large scale. As a result, you can make books available to read at affordable rates.


Publish How Literacy Impacted Your Life:

Contact a newspaper providing your story mentioning how you found literacy rewarding in your life and some crucial facts about literacy. You can also start your own blog and contribute to raising awareness of literacy worldwide, with your interesting writings.


Encourage Readathon In Your Society:

Spark your society’s interest in reading by organizing a reading marathon. Motivate kids and adults to get their hands on interesting books and read as many books as they can in an allotted time frame. Approach local organizations to sponsor prizes to the winners who end up reading a maximum number of books in the given time slot.


Gift Books:

Books are the best gifts which you can give to individuals of any age groups honouring the World Literacy Day. Don’t miss attaching a note on your book mentioning why you think literacy has a great significance. Gift books which you think have impacted your life positively and incredibly.

So, think no further and don’t miss this opportunity and start contributing your efforts from today itself. So that it will to raise literacy awareness and increase literacy around.


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