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Little Things That We Miss Out In Our Life
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Little Things That We Miss Out In Our Life

Graduation, Post Graduation, Job, Marriage, Kids, Savings, Own A Bigger House, and the list just goes on!

Well, these are probably some of the goals most of us target when we start adulting. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with these goals, but in the pursuit of fulfilling dreams, our smiles often lose its charm while working endlessly for hours.


Because in the end, the little things actually matter the most!

Are you able to relate to this “normal” monotony? Well then, it’s probably time to cut the cord and seek the “real happiness” that actually surround us. To give your present life situation a slight lift-up, here I present you some of the most underrated little things that we miss out in our daily lives because of the routine we follow. Give it a read till the end because I promise you, your 5 minutes would be totally worth it!


Oh-My-God! I don’t mean to be dramatic, but you got to admit the importance of communication in our lives. Thanks to the internet due to which our phones are blessed with countless instant-messaging platforms. They do help us connect with those who are 2000 miles away, but unfortunately and quite unknowingly, make us distant from the ones who are sitting just beside us.

Communication is one of the most underrated little things that can define any relationship. Today, we are so glued to our smartphones, texting and emailing, that we forget when was the last day we had a real heart-to-heart conversation with our loved ones. Even if you are not ready for any random discussion, signalling your partner that you are approachable for whatever he/she may want, can inspire more memorable moments than drowning yourself breaking candies on Candy Crush Saga.


Aah! I had been such a victim of this! I still remember what a social media freak I had been. I was literally known in my college as “Facebook Queen”. Ask why? Because for everything that happened in my life, I used to post it first on my Facebook profile. And that’s totally WRONG!

With social media comprising a significant role in our modern lives, we often forget the thin line that exists between the words “social” and “privacy.”

Privacy is more important than you actually think. Instead of posting your honeymoon pictures with your spouse, living the moments in real, help in creating the sweetness of love. And trust me, ignoring social media for a couple of hours or so, or just not at all posting anything about your relationship on FB or Instagram would be totally worth it.

Enjoying food

Orders food. Gets it. Clicks it. Uploads on Instagram with hashtags foodgasms and foodgram. Again a click with the first bite. Upload it again. Again clicks it with your partner and food and it goes on.

I don’t know about others, but at least I was like this freak till I realised enjoying a sumptuous meal is more important than gettings likes and comments on social media.

Being social media addicts, we have been so engrossed with uploading every pic, especially of food, that we miss out pampering our taste buds thus experiencing real foodgasm. Sniffing that aroma and savouring yourself in a tasty meal is probably one of the most underrated little things that we often miss out. I am sure you might agree too!

Change of seasons

There are reasons enough why nature has bestowed us with so many seasons. The change helps us to contemplate the various faces of our Mother Nature, thus helping us to appreciate real beauties. Every season with its facade of specialities helps us realising that often changes are disguised as little joys. Changes often embody unseen happiness, unlike the monotony that compels us to live our lives like a robot.

Innocence of babies

Give yourself a break and take a moment to look at those innocent, happy faces. They are utterly devoid of stress, life goals, budget sheets, cheques and bill payments. Instead of grabbing your smartphones to film their activities, get real and listen to those mumbled words. Even you know, these moments are probably one of the most valuable ones.

Natural light

I know our tedious lives have compelled us to stare only at our laptops and mobile devices. Our daily schedule calls us to email and text or posts anything on social media every now and then. But, while staring at those screen light, we often miss out the real natural light, that’s replete with Vitamin D. Give your smartphones a break when you next wake up and draw those curtains. The sunshine is indeed appreciable!

A whole new and a better version of the world exists beyond our daily schedule. NOW is the right time to start appreciating it instead of logging ourselves to the unreal world.


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