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6 Things To Understand And Overcome the ‘LOST’ feeling In Your Mid-20s
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6 Things To Understand And Overcome the ‘LOST’ feeling In Your Mid-20s

The feeling of being lost is quite normal when you are in your mid-20s. A decade ago, when you stepped into your teens, your body went through some drastic changes and that made you a completely different person. You passed your childhood and entered your manhood. Now, it’s another massive transition. You are going through the toughest time so far where your career and life are concerned and you are sure to feel lost at some point in time.

It was their mid-20s when Oprah Winfrey lost her first job because she was ‘not fit for TV’, Steven Spielberg was denied entry to a film school and Michael Jordon lost a place in the high school basketball team. It’s quite normal that at this age, you are going to receive a few rejections – which are –in fact – going to guide your entire future. It is this time when making changes, be it a revolutionary one, are easy and accepted. Let us discuss few easy tricks that you should always remember to let your Mid 20s a happy time.

1. Is everyone else running faster?

It is a time when your childhood friends are getting huge pay-cheques. Some are settling in foreign soil. Some of the friends are having relationships and their social media walls are full of display of affection. Some your friends are getting married and some are also having children. All these things are happening around you and you are clueless about what to do. Remember, it’s not a competition that you have to win – even if it is, it’s definitely not a hundred meter race that ends in 10 seconds. You don’t know but all those friends have their sets of problems. You are not missing out on anything neither are running slow.







2. Is your life flowing in the right direction?


Ask yourself. Ask every time you do something new. The answer is not going to come from a person with grey hair. It is your inner self that is going to answer this. Be ready to make drastic changes in life – habits, hobbies, career, and personality. Remember, it is the age when you have energy and time. Try out new things – something you have never even thought of and you are sure to identify the right destiny for your life.

3. Let some go and let some come.


The people who have been around you for so many years – well they are definitely not going to stay forever. It’s completely normal to let some go. They have their life to build and you have yours. In this stage of life, everyone is trying to find their path and these paths seldom run parallel.

4. Move on – It’s part of the life.


Are you in a dilemma? Is there a point when you have to leave your home, your family behind to achieve something? You have to move on. You are definitely not going to regret that when you are the good old fellow. It’s true, it’s extremely difficult to let everything go, the streets you grew up on, the people you walked along, the relationships you built for years – but it is not an act of selfishness – it’s normal and part of everybody’s life. At one stage, you have to move on.

5. Make your own choice.


You are at that crossroad where you have a choice to make and a wrong step may take you to a disaster and if that happens – you will not have anyone else to curse but you. Make your own decision and build your own life.

6. Accept failure:


You are no superhero who will only have success. In this age, you try too much and you fail too much. These failures are not going to shut the door rather these will open new ones. Accept the failure and start afresh. These failures are there to enlighten you about the life ahead and to build your personality.


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