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11 Website to Watch Latest Marathi Movies Online For Free
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11 Website to Watch Latest Marathi Movies Online For Free

Fed-Up with your quest for the best website to watch Marathi movies (Marathi Chitrapat)?

Yes! Keep Reading this article.

We agree that even with the immense popularity of the Marathi movies, there is hardly any website which cast’s your film and also if it does, it is going to cost you a reasonable amount of money (which is worth it).

But, we are not promoting anyone over here, it’s all about free listings, isn’t it?


We have brought you a list of 20 Websites/Apps which in some way provide free Marathi movies, if not free we will help you get it free!


So, Get ready to Watch the latest Marathi Movies Online 2018 for FREE! is the best website to watch free movies online.

You will get almost all the latest Marathi movies of 2018 on this site.

But be aware this is an unlawful practice, we will suggest you read the below listing for a more safer way to watch your favourite movies.


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This is another application where you can subscribe freely without providing any payment details; all you need is one email id to register.

Though is a free app, they have low stocks of Marathi movies, but you can stream movies like Natsamrat for free.

This website has a multiple free listing of movies, from latest Hindi films to old Marathi Chitrapat. is excellent for who loves to watch old Marathi movies; they have a unique collection of vintage Marathi film.

Prime video is an official media service provider of, Inc.; this is a great option to watch your favourite movies.

Agreed! This is not a free option, but their price range is pretty reasonable for what they provide, especially when it comes to Marathi movies.

Hold it! Don’t get excited, Netflix is not a free platform, but there are ways in which you can get a free subscription on Netflix and watch your favourite Marathi movies without any Ads. Getting a month of subscription for a starter is good, but how about three months of free movies and Netflix shows?

Yes, three months!

How? Get an Airtel connection on your mobile phone.

Airtel is providing a three months free Netflix subscription without any payment verification, not only that you also get Wynk music free for a whole year.

How’s that, huh? What are you waiting for, go get it!

Unlike Netflix, where you need to provide a payment verification, Hotstar is a real beauty for a movie buzz, you can watch movies for free, provided they don’t fall under premium tier.

Again, you can get a month of trial subscription and have a thorough look around, Hotstar has a decent listing of free Marathi movies.

So, do check Hotstar app or visit their website. OR Zee5 App both are secluded platforms restricted pretty much only to Zee audience.

You will get almost every favourite Marathi movie on this App/Website.

The very reason why we have listed this website is its price range, it’s amazingly cheaper than that of Hotstar OR Netflix, and it provides all the major Marathi entertainment including blockbuster shows like ‘Chala Hawa Yeu Dya’ and that too for free.

There is a substantial free listing of Marathi movies.

Yes! Marathi movies on Youtube and that too for free!

You heard it right; there are plenty of Marathi movies which are available for free on Youtube, you have to search for it and have patience. The right channel will pop-up on the right keyword.

The popular suggestion will be Ashi Hi Banva Banvi!

Picture Credit is the great for one the one who is seeking old Marathi movies like Jait Re Jait; it has a distant collection.

But, be warned its an illicit site, as it provides the movies from the various server so can’t say which one is safe to explore — any which ways you can have a try with boxtv.



The best part of the Einthusan is its low quantity of ads; there are literally no ads. It has this premium look which gives you the same feel as of Netflix.
Another great thing about Einthusan is that you don’t have to create an account to stream any movie, how was that, huh?

So, what you are waiting for visit Einthusan now for a hassle free movie streaming.



Filmlinks4U is an excellent option for the one who watches web series, and there are many options on this on site that you can explore whereas for Marathi movies you’re just a search away.
The Marathi movies listing goes back to 2014 movies, you will each and every movie from 2014.


So, this our list of websites where you can watch a free Marathi Movies online, share a link where you watch movies or web series to help other viewers.


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