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6 Social Situations Where Men and Women Act Differently.
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6 Social Situations Where Men and Women Act Differently.

Men and Women are two poles apart but equally humorously amazing species. The saying “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus” does hold true in a lot of situations.

Right from our basic everyday routine chores to something we do once a year, every situation is handled differently by these species. And since these both coexist, a lot of these situations puts either of them in an awkward or a “this-would-have-better-not-happened” situation.

It’s fun to look at some of them and how we as humans have learned to sort of deal with it. Having said that, not all girls and guys are the same. So, if you don’t happen to fit in somewhere, know that exceptions are always there.



One thing that guys and girls deal with so differently that it’s opposite. Girls love shopping while guys hate it. Be it for themselves or anyone else. Girls shop because they want something new. Guys shop because they need something. No wonder we see so many bored men sitting outside shops and maybe even striking a friendship with a fellow man sitting beside them. Enough difference explained.



We all know how this is dealt with differently. Girls love talking about everyone and everything around them, it feeds their soul. While generally, guys take it rather easy and won’t bring up the talk unless it’s something really really serious.



It’s funny how, if two guys fight, they are rather cool with each other the very next day. For them, it’s like nothing happened and it leaves the rest of the world wondering how it escalated so quickly.

While for girls, fights don’t come easy. If two girls fought badly, they are never talking to each other again. Period.


Dressing up:

Girls can come up with ten different looks for that one occasion while guys can come up with one look that’ll do quite a justice on ten different occasions. That’s how it is, no offense. And boy, both these species rock every occasion equally amazingly.



Girls love greeting each other with a ‘Hey sweetheart, long time, how have you been? Missed you so much'(hugs and kisses) and spending the next few minutes being the inseparable two. While guys, would just do a ‘long time bro’ and move on to talking to everyone else as if they don’t even know each other in the first place.


Clicking photos:

Looking at the kind of pictures on social media, girls sure are a pro at posing. Not denying the fact that some guys too are up for some tough competition. But, most guys hate clicking photos and girls can’t do without it. It’s fun to see those ‘I didn’t want to do this but did it to keep her heart’ faces of guys in some pictures.

It’s fun when you actually experience these situations with your siblings or friends of the opposite gender. We all are amazing in our own ways. And that’s what makes these situations all the way more fun. Not just these, there are a lot more other situations where we do see such differences. Do let us know if any of them comes to your mind. And now, since we know how different we all are, and also know that these differences are quite amazing, let us respect and celebrate these differences, shall we?


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