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10 Must Watch Movies If You Call Yourself a Movie Buff
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10 Must Watch Movies If You Call Yourself a Movie Buff

If you’re anything like me, movies for you are not just a thing for entertainment. You don’t only watch movies for fun and relaxation, but to praise the art and artists behind it. From script to screenplay – everything excites you.

You are popular among your group for your movie choices, and get a call every time someone needs a movie recommendation. But, how much of a movie buff are you really?

There’s only one way to find out.

Below are the top 10 must watch movies of all time, check and see if you are a true movie buff or not:



Say it loud if you too agree with me that Schindler’s List is by far the greatest film of all time. It’s a powerful film with brilliant storytelling, great direction, and acting. It gracefully balances the emotions of love, fear, humor, and horror all at one time. With this film, Spielberg proved that he’s the master of artistic cinema and no one could possibly beat him in this game.

Based on the true story, Schindler’s List is one of the finest movies about the holocaust in the history of cinema. It won seven Academy Awards out of the 12, including the Best Picture and Best Director.

And it should be on your list of “movies to watch before you die”.



Imagine what happens when you arrest five con-men together for a crime they never committed. The Usual Suspects showcases how a simple mistake gives birth to a revenge operation that leads to a massive explosion, leaving 27 men dead, one horribly burned survivor, and 91 million dollars worth of cocaine missing.

This movie is a fun-filled ride of complex twists and shocking turns which leaves you surprised yet satisfied. “The Usual Suspects” is one of those films which demand to be watched again and again but believe me, even after watching it for a zillion times, you won’t be able to fully solve the riddle.



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Winner of 10 Academy Awards, “Gone With The Wind” is the greatest romance of all time. Though released in 1939, this immortal classic still holds the viewer’s attention like no other.

The story is set in a dark period of American History and revolves around a spoiled Southern’s girl and her love for a married man. It’s a grand old Hollywood epic which never bores you and keeps you on your toes by its exceptionally written story and great acting.

If you haven’t watched this great movie, then treat yourself to a truly cinematic experience that has ever been created.



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When it comes to inspirational movies Life Is Beautiful is a must watch!

Originally filmed in Italian, this black and white movie is an amazing watch for its funny, entertaining, and an intense storyline. For me, it takes a lot of guts to address such a heavy subject of Holocaust in a light-hearted tone.

In a span of two hours, you’ll feel every bit of happiness and sadness through this delicate yet powerful masterpiece. Even though it’s based on the serious issue of Holocaust, this movie takes you on a whole different ride of human feelings and a beautiful relationship between a father and his son.



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Yes, we are living in a digital age, but, can you really fall in love with software?

“Her” is a movie about a lonely writer who developed an unimaginable relationship with an operating system. Beautifully written, the story takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride filled with sadness, confusion, love, and joy. Not only the story, but the music is exceptional too. The music is so beautifully paired with the storyline that it actually makes you ‘feel’ the movie.

With “Her”, Spike Jonze showed us the reality of coming future in the most exciting way. Many believe that it’s Jonze’s finest work. Along with the compelling story, “Her” is also known for its technical marvel and performances.



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Let me admit this in broad daylight, I fell in love with Amelie at first sight. This one is my favorite movie so far on this list. It’s funny, interesting yet insightful all at one time. It’s not just a film, but an artwork by its director Jean-Pierre Jeunet. With the help of his incredible cameraman, Jeunet established a dream-like atmosphere in the film by using mostly reds and greens with a hint of blue whenever required.

Audrey Tautou, who played “Amelie” in the movie really justified why you can’t imagine anyone but her to portray this character. She is so effortless that you won’t feel anything inappropriate in her acting even for the faintest moment.





Oh! Don’t tell me you don’t love him. Everyone loves Wall-E. It’s one of the cutest, most adorable characters Pixar has ever made. His eyes, can we just not talk about anything but how lovely his eyes are! (Aww..My inner fangirl can go on and on about the cuteness of Wall-E)

Let’s talk about the ingenious minds behind Wall-E. Did you notice how subtly and beautifully Wall-E delivers the message of GO GREEN to us? It’s the beauty of Stanton’s screenplay which makes it what it is. It’s not a cheap romance, but a highly involving, beautifully created plot that we haven’t seen in a couple of decades. Wall-E is more than just a movie; it’s a 10/10 entertainment.



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Maybe a little psychotic, but “Taxi Driver” is one of the finest films in the American cinema history. This movie is an absolute perfection – great acting, great screenplay, great cast, and great direction.

Taxi Driver is a movie about a mentally disturbed Vietnamese veteran who becomes a nighttime Taxi driver in New York City. The movie revolves around his unstable relationships with people, and how he lost his mind over a rejection. “Travis”, the character then takes the matter into his own hands and started cleaning up the sewer that he believes his city has become.

Although the movie is set in 70’s, the story and the character are so relatable to the current situation in India.



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When you combine actors like Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Brad Pitt together, you are going to get an incredible movie, for sure. Being a 90’s kid, I can proudly say that “Se7en” is one of the greatest films of that era. It’s a pure artwork, which means you won’t find any Hollywood clichés, distracted storyline, bad acting, or unfocused direction.

The film is beautifully crafted and maintains a harmony between entertainment and information. The thrill does excite you, but it also subtly makes judgments about society and its beliefs. If you are not fragile then watch this movie and I promise, you won’t forget it in your lifetime.



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Pixar never fails to amaze us. “Up” is that movie which is so close to your heart that it makes you cry every time you watch it. It has all the perfect ingredients for a great movie – Amazing visual effects, brilliant sound, rib-tickling humor, incredible action, and the most important ‘heart’.

The story is about an old man who has lived a long life and now he wants to fulfill his loving wife’s dream of adventuring in South America.  Time and again, Pixar shows us that they have some genuinely cool and brilliant minds in their studio, and “Up” is one of those imaginative creations.


So, tell me have you seen all of them? Most of them? What’s your score? Tell me in the comment section below.

If you haven’t go, watch now!


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