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5 Over-Hyped Television Series People Go Crazy About
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Since long before the era of technology and mobile phones taking up all of our times, we have this amazing thing called television. And this television has surely come a long way. From the black and white days when only one channel was played all day every day, to color TV’s with a variety of channel options to LCD’S and LED’S, it’s getting thinner in size day after day.

Ever since childhood, television has been our good buddy. The 90’s crowd and today’s youth have grown up watching some amazing cartoons and television shows that have played a more than major role in shaping up our personalities.

But, looking at the times back then, and the kind of shows on the television today, it makes one feel sad how drastically horrible the stories have become. The shows we watched back then showed some amazing, colorful and vibrant side of life that kept alive the curiosity in us. But, a lot, though not all, of the shows today, fail to achieve this level of awesomeness.

So, as we praise the good old times, let’s take a look at the overrated shows we all come across on television.

1. Big Boss.

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By the kind of memes and controversies this show has created, it was bound to be one among the list.
Basically, a show which shows us a house with some people living in it, and we look at them doing their days chores. Too important for our entertainment.
It can’t be said what exactly is wrong with it, but do we really need these kinds of shows when there are so many other much much better things that can be shown instead?

2. Balika Vadhu.


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Okay, it may be among the top shows of all time, making history, but what we really don’t understand is, why do we need to watch so much drama when we already have a lot of it in real life?

Taking this dailysoap just for name sake, there are a lot many others that show drama far beyond one can even imagine.

3. The Big Bang Theory.


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Okay, really not sure if this should make it here since it does hold some good content and witty humor. But, since we are talking overrated, the hype this show creates is way beyond needed.

As a science lover, one does find it interesting, but it does get too much sometimes.

4. Game of Thrones.


Before anyone starts bashing about how can this even be, let us make it clear, we are just talking overrated. All checks to the amazing story, plot, twists, screenplay everything for this show.

But it’s a show, stop making it an inseparable part of your life already.

5. The Walking Dead.


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After the first few seasons qualifying for being watchable, it somehow takes the graph downwards later on, with the story going nowhere and the viewers going to sleep instead.

No offense to these shows whatsoever, everyone has the right to watch what they love, don’t they? Also, having said that there are still some amazing shows being shown on the television even today that do deserve quite some attention.

After all, television is something we watch for our entertainment and not to make ourselves feel even more stupid and negative by looking at all the suspense, mystery, horror and dramatic stuff.

So, choose wisely what to watch and have a happy life, everyone!


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