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10 Signs That Your Partner Is Definitely Hiding Something From You
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10 Signs That Your Partner Is Definitely Hiding Something From You

True relationships aren’t as easy as they seem. There could be small sparks that could lead to two people in love parting ways forever. Nowadays it’s difficult to trust people. And being honest and trustworthy in a relationship is very important. How do you know your SO is being honest with you? Here are 10 signs that your partner definitely hiding something from you.

They don’t seem to open up.

When two people are in a relationship, they need to open up to each other about everything happening in their lives, at least the really important issues. When your better half seems to be hiding things and pushing you away while talking about certain things, there sure is something wrong.

It’s all on the phone.

Humans are incomplete without phones. And though stalking their phones might be creepy, but if they seem to be extra cautious for you to not look at the phone, you know it’s not all well.

Look for their friends.

All of us have at least one good friend that we tell everything. So this is one big giveaway. If they seem to be meeting their close friends a lot for secret talks and not letting you get the slightest of an idea, then there is something happening you have no idea about.

Look through their past.

People often tend to showcase behavioural patterns in similar situations. If you know what had happened with their ex in a similar situation, and what were the consequences, you sure need to speak up.

Social Behaviour.

If a person is in a serious committed relationship, his or her behaviour toward the opposite gender in society is going to change. But, if they still seem to flirt around like nothing’s happening, you know what to do.

Everyday little things.

Does your SO suddenly seem to keep themselves isolated and not talk much about anything at all? That’s a clear sign they’re trying to keep something from you.

They no more find you perfect.

No matter how many imperfections, we find the person we love perfect. But, if it doesn’t seem that way anymore, then something is wrong. They don’t like the way you do things and often seem to give negative comments or criticise you about simpler things, it’s sure they don’t feel the same about you anymore.

They don’t like the ones you do.

We all hold a special love for our close friends and family. And we also respect the love our loved ones have for theirs. But what if your partner suddenly seems to hate all your friends and everything they do? Not normal, is it?

Personal space.

Everyone needs their personal space, but if they suddenly seem to need it all day every day. Hiding things and stuff from you because it’ll be invading their personal space, you need to speak up straight on what’s happening.

The way they talk to you.

When we are keeping things from someone, our very basic mannerism towards them changes. So, look for the way they talk to you. Cutting short on conversations, pushing away a topic on another day are signs that something is cooking up. And the best thing to do in such situations is to talk to them. Straight up, without any misunderstandings.


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