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10 People Who Were College Dropouts And Became Successful
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10 People Who Were College Dropouts And Became Successful

We all fuss about getting a degree, going to a college and then getting a placement, but there are few who understand the difference between ‘information absorption’ (the stuff that happens at colleges these days) and ‘knowledge’.

Those are the people that make all the difference in the world and stand out as a successful people.

Read on to get inspired !

Ellen De Generes

This amazing woman that makes us all laugh, dropped out of college just after her first semester and look where she is today. On everyone’s phone screen, tv, laptop, mind, and humour.

Mark Zuckerberg

The man that dropped out of college only to create the biggest social media network on the internet and bring the world so much closer. What started off as a college Hot/Not site, later on, became Facebook- The several Billion user network.

Steve Jobs

The Lord of technological advancement and the creator of Apple Inc. This technology mogul made something that helps us get through our day to day lives.

Walt Disney

The guy who created an entire parallel universe for kids and adults equally, dropped out of high school, joined Redcross and then ran to Europe to create Disney.

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel left high school at 18 only to become world’s best luxury fashion designer.

Well, we all know about these 5 and many more world famous names of college dropouts who became successful. Now, read on to know some of the most amazing college dropouts from India.

Ritesh Agarwal

The young adult behind the huge chain of OYO rooms. He dropped out of a college in Gurgaon to create a chain of affordable and easy to access hotel rooms at your phone screen by connecting more than 700+ hotels all over India.

Mahesh Murthy

A lesser known name but not to the advertising industry. He has written award winning commercials for Pepsi, Unilever, MTV etc. and all this happened after he dropped out of college and sold vacuum cleaners door to door.

Kapil Dev

The man on the field who is known for his cricket skills dropped out of college, but he regrets it and thinks he should have completed his studies.

Mukesh Ambani

One of the richest man in India, he dropped out of his MBA program to be the Managing Director for Reliance Industries and the way he took it ahead we don’t think he needed that degree.

Azim Premji

The chairman of IT Giant Wipro, took up the responsibility when he was 21 after dropping out of Stanford University.

Dropping out of college has its own pros and cons. All these amazing names and many more had dreams, plans, and paths to follow. They had strong beliefs and even stronger will to work hard. Education though is important and you can always do wonders by going to college as well, a degree won’t hurt.

But if you think your dreams aren’t getting enough time and college is consuming all of you, well sit down and consider your choices.

All the best.



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