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List Of Most Popular Chocolate Names Around The World!
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List Of Most Popular Chocolate Names Around The World!

popular chocolate names

Who doesn’t love Chocolate? There is literally no one in this world, who would say no to it. But how much do we know about the most popular chocolate names around the world OR most popular chocolate bars? Not Much, Really!

So, here we have brought you the List Of The Most Popular Chocolate Names Around The World.

Let’s start with a Dark Chocolate from India.

1. Mason & Co. Intense Dark Organic Chocolate

Mason & Co. Intense Dark Organic Chocolate

This is a 100% Vegetarian chocolate and healthy too, it is Gluten and Soy-free and has organic and less harmful sweetener; Palm Sugar.

Made of Indian cocoa beans this dark chocolate from India is famous for its Indian cocoa flavour.

Adapting to the dark chocolate taste takes time and if you are a first-timer this chocolate should be a great choice.


2. Toblerone Chocolate.

popular chocolate names

We all have heard about the Toblerone Chocolate Bar a classic triangle shaped Swiss milk chocolate bar, named after Toblerone mountain (Switzerland).
Introduced in 1908, Toblerone has always been favourite chocolate around the world.
A historic creation of the Tobler family has a huge history of 110 years.
Later on, Toblerone also launched first ever filled chocolate bar, The Tobler-O-rum which captured enormously attention.


3. Galaxy Chocolate.

popular chocolate names

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Another milk chocolate, Galaxy Chocolate Bar was launched in the year 1965, it’s famous for rich chocolate and milky taste.

The second best selling chocolate in the UK recently have gained a lot of popularity in the Indian market.


4. Cadbury Dairy Milk.

popular chocolate names

Yes! It’s Cadbury Dairy Milk, the best selling chocolate in the UK.

It was first introduced in 1905, by the renowned company Cadbury and thereafter they have launched many products, but nothing can ever beat Cadbury Dairy Milk.

And Yes, it’s not an Indian product.


5. M&M’s Chocolate Candy.

popular chocolate names

Enough of milk chocolate, let’s move to chocolate candies.

M&M’s chocolate candies are definitely should be on the top of our famous chocolate names list.

The colourful button-shaped (a medicine pill look-a-like) chocolate has ruled the chocolate candy world from 1941, it was introduced first time by Mars Wrigley Confectionery division of Mars, in the USA.

So, who wants M&M’s candies?


6.  Ferrero Rocher.

popular chocolate names

An Italian Chocolate Ferrero Rocher is an amalgamation of hazelnut and chocolate.

Ferrero Rocher is a delicious round shaped dark chocolate, with a crispness of thinly layered wafer and a roasted hazelnut this chocolate is one of his kind.

So, Enjoy this dark chocolate!

7. Amul Chocolate Brand.

popular chocolate names

An Indian Chocolate brand Amul has been very popular around the country, well-known for their milk chocolates and dark chocolates.

The brand which started its journey right after Indian Independence has been ruling the Indian chocolate industry from last few years.

With various types of chocolates like Amul Dark Chocolate and Amul Fruit & Nuts, they are providing promising products.


Are we missing on something? Do you guys know other famous chocolate names in India too? Let us know by commenting below.


Meanwhile, let’s move to other chocolates in this list.


8. Guylian

popular chocolate names

Guylian is the Guinness World Record holder for building the world’s largest “Chocolate Easter Egg” and is well-known for its handmade wafer chocolates.

Guylian is a Belgium based chocolate company formed in the year 1960, they are mostly known for their Praline chocolates.


9. Nestle KitKat

popular chocolate name

KitKat khaya kya?

Nestle KitKat is the most loved chocolate around the world, and why wouldn’t?

Thin wafers with milk chocolates are not just a delicious combination but also fun to eat and to add to it, you don’t have to fight with your friends for equal a share of it

This chocolate is definitely one of the favourites on this list.


10. Mars Chocolate

popular chocolate names

Mars chocolates are the world’s number one selling chocolates, and that is significant enough to say how good these chocolates really are!

If you haven’t tasted this chocolate till now, you better go and tasted it.

The delicious taste of almonds, caramel, chocolate, and honey takes you to the different world for real, just like those commercials.

So, that’s it, This is our list of famous chocolate names around the world.

Are we missing your favourite chocolate?

Yes, Lets us know by commenting below, we will surely love to taste it, after all, We all are foodies here!


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