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10 Steps To Quit Smoking Habit Forever.
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10 Steps To Quit Smoking Habit Forever.

Smoking, or rather any kind of addiction is bad for a person’s overall health. It’s a way to escape from the reality for a person. Mainly, if we look around, people smoke either to get over the stress, anxiety and frustration, or to get the so called cool dude tag, none of which is actually going to their well being.

People know that it isn’t good for them or is rather harming their health, but cannot stop themselves. But then, it’s an addiction and it needs to be overcome. So, here are a few ways in which you can get over the craving for smoking.

1. Begin by taking small steps.

Instead of quitting smoking altogether, which for an addict would be difficult, begin by reducing the intake. Make efforts to control the craving whenever you have one. Distract yourself into doing something else, take your mind elsewhere whenever you find yourself craving for a cigarette. And slowly as you reduce it with passing time, stop it altogether.

2. Note it down.

Write down everything you feel about smoking. Why is it good, why is it bad, why you still want to smoke anyways. Once you write down, let your mind ponder upon the thought of how smoking is adversely affecting not just you but those around you too. Think upon it seriously.

3. Switch to something else.

Say a food product you like which is handy and healthy. Everytime you have an urge for smoking, eat that food instead. This will help reduce the craving and eventually stop.

4. Think of your past victories.

Every time some tough situation occurs and you run towards your cigarettes, sit back instead and think about all the situations in the past where you have overcome obstacles you once thought you never would. Tell yourself that you are strong and the craving will lessen.

5. Do things you love to do.

The next time you have a thought of running to your cigarettes, run towards doing things you love to do instead. Play a sport, take up a hobby or talk to a friend. Travel to places that have clean, pure and fresh air and know how amazing it feels to breathe in that.

6. Set a date.

Fix upon a date on which you’ll give up smoking completely as you reduce your number of cigarettes every day.

7. Write about the positive changes.

As you move towards quitting your smoking, there surely will be some positive changes you’ll notice. Write about the small positive impacts it has made on your life. Collect all the money you’ve saved from not buying cigarettes at one place and know how important it is.

8. Keep it in your mind.

Make sure you have this “I must quit smoking” on your mind. Put up charts and posters which will remind you of these in the places which will make these posters very well visible to you.

9. Think of better times.

Think of the times to come, of how you’ll have a healthier life and a healthier mind. Know that smoking was not good on your health and feel good that you’ve finally tried to overcome it.

10. Bring ‘chai’ to the rescue.

Turn to drinking tea instead, preferably green tea. Also, know that addiction of anything isn’t good. So, without doing out of the limit, shift your craving to drinking tea or coffee and give your mind the needed stress buster.

Life is too precious to degrade it by our own deeds. Everyone has troubles and stress in life, but how one deals with it is what matters the most.  Stay strong and give up on all the toxic things that in anyways bring you down or cause harm and do more of the things that make you feel alive.


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