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What’s The Real Meaning Of Feminism & What People Tend To Perceive It.
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What’s The Real Meaning Of Feminism & What People Tend To Perceive It.

Feminism, Equality, Justice, terms that seem too huge to be real. Many people have a variety of views on these. Celebrating women, giving them the rights they deserve, giving them the freedom to choose how they want to live, what they want to become. But, somewhere while glorifying women, it has also become a lot heavy on men. Feminism is perceived differently by different minds.

Basically, feminists are thought of as people who hate men and want women to enjoy everything on their own terms. People who think women are the ultimate best and everything else is insignificant. But, if we give it a deeper thought, that’s not what it actually means, right?

In the world of technology, one cannot predict what point of view a person would have on a certain topic and it’s great how everyone has an amazing platform to express their opinion. But, the downside of this is that a lot of misunderstandings and misinterpretations happen.

Having said that, what exactly then is feminism? How if we take a rather balanced approach towards it?














Feminism is when a man and a woman have equal, genuine and mutual respect towards each other. No more no less. It’s when a man and a woman run a house together, right from cooking, earning and spending. No one is made to feel low, no work made to feel less. It’s when both the son and daughter in the house are made to take education and also taught how to cook. It’s when each individual, no matter what gender, is taught all the important things to make that person independent to live a better life.

It’s when a woman employee is treated with the same respect with which any other employee at that workplace would be treated. One shouldn’t get less or even more of that just because she is a woman. Respect is something we all earn by what kind of person we are and not what our gender is.

Not just at the workplace but in the society as a whole, as human beings, it comes under our basic manners and etiquettes, to give every other living being respect, no matter what shape, size, color, gender whatever. Everyone deserves to be given some basic respect.

Feminism is letting everyone, male or female, make a choice about what they want to do in their lives. It’s a mutual give and take of care, faith, trust and loyalty of a man towards a woman and also, equally significant, of a woman towards a man.











Feminism is not letting a woman feel down in any situation, time, place, circumstances, just because she is a woman. And it also means not giving a person extra pampering, any kind of perks or better edge over others just because she is a woman.

Feminism is just another step towards creating a better world where peace and harmony exist. Where people still believe in humanity. Where people still smile and show genuine respect towards each other even on a busy road. It’s to live and let live everyone a life that’ll be beautiful, that’ll make the person happy and the one that’ll be worth it, all of it regardless of who the person is.

We all owe a lot towards this beautiful world and towards making it better. How if we, instead of all the injustice, nuisance and chaos, let the world be a place of respect, love, and humanity? Wouldn’t that be good not just for humans but our other fellow living beings too?


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