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6 Reasons Why A Pet Makes Your Life More Awesome
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6 Reasons Why A Pet Makes Your Life More Awesome

Single? Loner? Wanna be loved? Need someone just to be there for you? Listen to you? Cuddle you? Well then my friend all you need is a PET THERAPY.
Yes, you got me right, a PET THERAPY, where all you have to do is get a pet, give them a name, bond with them, teach them a few tricks and soon you will be so involved in them that your life will be completely filled with all of their charm, weirdness and innocence. And here is where your life will change for better.
So here we bring to you 6 reasons Why A Pet Can Change Your Life.
[WARNING: Beware of affection]

1. You become trustworthy:


Trust is quite hard to earn in today’s generation. But just a few loving and caring moments with your pet in initial stage of your relationship will gain you their trust for lifetime.
And believe me they are gonna trust you with everything, every single thing, unlike your annoying girlfriend or over possessive boyfriend. So you have got someone to blindly trust you!

2. No worries of being cheated:


Need not worry about being cheated when in relationship with your pet.

All you get from your pet is loyalty and all they ask for is food and a lot of pampering and a hell lot of goofing around and lots and lots of peaceful sleep, well that’s not much to ask for… Right? So here you are at peace when you need not worry about being cheated!

3. You have someone to dance with:

(JUST FEEL THIS) A slow romantic dance with your love. Definitely your pet. Carrying them in your arms, moving to the slow beats of your favorite romantic song, they will just be there for you. They will love you blindly.
At times you can also simply put on some party song & dance around with them… sound good right? So here you got your forever dance partner!

4. You have someone to come home to:

Ya they don’t like it when you leave for work, they will come to see you off till your door, bid you goodbye and wait all day long for you to return.
So make sure you come home safe cause someone would be waiting to welcome you with all their love.

5. You get free entertainment:


Hell ya! there is a lot of entertainment for you when you own a pet. They keep on doing these stupid and attention seeking stuff to make you laugh out loud. Be it just playing with an empty box or chasing a laser ray.

Getting stuck in a basket or simply nodding their heads in direction of something you point at them. Everything is entertaining. Got an entertaining weirdo!

6. It will make you more responsible:

Its not only rainbows and butterflies, having a pet comes with all sorts of responsibilities. You have to feed them with proper food at proper time intervals, have regular vet visits, love them in sickness and wealth. They become your family.
You have to have a CLAW PACT with them – where you don’t abandon them when they grow old or when you move to some other place, you be there with each other through thick & thin. So this is gonna make you a responsible person.. ain’t that good?
People already having a pet will surely relate to this. And for those who don’t have one, well have one and experience this bliss. And yes, “ADOPT, DON’T SHOP.”

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