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Reel Vs Real : Imagine If We Faced These Reel Life Situations In Our Real Life.
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Reel Vs Real : Imagine If We Faced These Reel Life Situations In Our Real Life.

Television along with the recent new additions like mobile, laptop and many other visual media, have been, are, and will be an inseparable part of a human’s life.

Through the mediums like daily soaps, advertisements, web series, videos etc., we often take a ride into the virtual world and come back to reality with a huge impact on our mind from that ride. It’s funny and interesting to know how huge an impact these things have on a person’s thoughts and mood.

Reel world is a fun place to wander in sometimes. But, ever wondered how unusual, awkward, weird, fun and maybe scary it would be if some of those reel life situations happened in real life? Let’s see some of such situations.

1. Food is equal to eternal bliss.

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Many advertisements promoting food product, snacks and drinks often show a person enjoying the foodstuff that literally seems eternal and heavenly. Food is love, agreed. But, would someone like to behave that way while eating something? Better not.


2. Daily soaps and priorities.

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We live in the 21st century, and nowadays every human being is busy enough to mind their own business and still feel exhausted by the workload and stress. It’s funny how people in some daily soaps even at such times have enough patience and time to make plans for taking revenge, teasing or being evil to people around them. A situation we’ll try hard not to be in ever.


3. Romance goals.


In the age of dating apps and fake love, it’s hard to find a guy who’ll stay loyal and a girl who’ll love you back. But, the goals movies and television serials have set in the minds of girls and guys alike are worth looking. Any girl would like to get a fancy candlelight dinner, with thousands of balloons and roses everywhere when a guy proposes to her and any guy would love to see the girl say yes just like it’s shown on the screen. Hashtag goals, aren’t they?


4. Different Problems.


People in television and series don’t have twelve assignments pending, an interview to prepare for or neither are they tired of their daily routine and looking for a change.

The biggest problem of a character inside that screen would be what if her neighbour got to know of her evil plans. Would it be fun to live with a different set of problems for a day? Maybe, or maybe not.

5. The Beautiful World Of Cartoons.

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Let’s go down the memory lane. Since childhood, we’ve dreamed of being a part of the world that we saw in the cartoons we watched. A world that seemed so colourful and fun inside that screen it almost attracted our innocent minds.

A world that seemed all happy and peaceful and which we wanted to be a part of at least for a day. “I wish, I wish with all my heart to fly with dragons in a land apart”, nostalgic enough?


So, yeah, these were some situations that we often see occurring on the screen and wonder how would it be if it ever happened for real. There are many more circumstances apart from these that often leave us wondering. But, there’s also an altogether world in each one of our minds.

Every one of us, at some point, fantasise things and create situations in our heads that are more or less far from reality. It’s fun to imagine and create a world according to our wants. What’s that one situation you often wonder yourself to be in, and if one day, it did happen for real, how will you feel? Keep thinking and imagining, because sometimes, visiting that fantasy world of ours is not just amazing but also important.


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