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10 Things That are Surprisingly Restricted Baggage On The Flight.
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10 Things That are Surprisingly Restricted Baggage On The Flight.

We all love to travel, and we like to carry as many things as we can irrespective of our needs.

But there are things which are not allowed to take along with you either in hand or luggage bag.

Some are justifiable and logical, but there are some absurd things which are banned carrying with you.


Here is a list of some weird things counted as restricted baggage on the flight.



Most flights do allow to carry medicine, but there is a restriction on the quantity especially if one is carrying a liquid bottle. Not more than 100ml is permitted to carry inflight.

But what if you do not have luggage, you are travelling for a day, and you have just your small laptop bag. What to do in that case??

A very personal incident happened in this regard.

One of my cousins was coming to visit my place, so we asked him to bring specific ayurvedic medicine which is easily available as over the counter medication without a prescription. It was a general medicine on stomach upset and cough. He was coming only for a day, so he did not have any luggage to carry, and the medicine bottles were big to bring on-board. The security officer at the airport made him open the seal of the medicine and asked him to drink (of course not the entire bottle).



Yep, you heard right, soup is a restricted baggage too. Soup is one of the weird objectionable things to carry on board, which I read on the airline website.

Mostly, people do not carry this item, but soup, really? The liquid form is not allowed inside the flight. One can still carry dry packets.


Badminton Racquets


They are not allowed in flight as they come under sports equipment they are not allowed in cabin baggage.

Racquets aren’t that dangerous when compared to cricket bat or hockey stick or any martial arts equipment so to say. But genre rules are same for everything.


Poppy Seeds


One of the weirdest things banned if you are travelling to UAE. It is not allowed either in hand baggage or luggage bag. And one can be charged as a criminal there if found carrying this food item in any form. The food item which is widely used in so many countries. It is very common to use this product in bakery items, cooking vegetables etc.




Items which are battery operated are not allowed on board in luggage bags due to the presence of lithium content. It can only be carried without cells inside the item. The most relatable example today is power bank which is not allowed as luggage in many airlines.


Personalized motorised vehicles


There are many flights which allow these things while some do not allow to carry it at all. Items like mini Segway’s, self-balancing wheels, smart wheels etc., fall into this category and are not permitted by many due to the presence of large lithium batteries.


Agricultural Substance or equipment


Things like insecticides, weed killers or any equipment for ploughing etc. are not allowed to carry on board.


Anything that’s wrapped


That means anything you receive as a gift or you have bought to gift to your family decorated in a beautiful wrapping is restricted to bring on board on few airlines.




Many airlines do not allow pets to travel. They do not have any section or facility to take pets along.


Inflated articles


Inflated Items like balls, balloons, toys are not allowed on board. They need to be deflated if you need to carry with you. It’s a difficult task to explain to the kid that why it is not allowed, but rules are rules. No choice.

So, Fly high! See ya!


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