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Hindu Mythology Or Science | Indian Mythology
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Hindu Mythology Or Science | Indian Mythology

Multiverse is a combination which covers infinite universe floating in the cosmic sea. In Hindu mythology, a cosmic sea is known as Karana ocean.

We know that we live in a 3-dimensional space.

And the 4th dimension space is ‘Time’ because we know how this 3D space is changing with time. A person after death enters into the 4th dimension space. Therefore the soul after death can see the 3D space timeline, i.e., how the world is changing with time but unable to affect the 3D space.

Likewise, we have six other dimensions, which scientists proved in the String theory, but in the Hindu Vedas or we can say ‘Granths’ these all things have already specified clearly and we can co-relate it with Vedic cosmology as mentioned in the Rig-Veda.

In the fifth dimension, Earth acts as a middle planet which co-exists with the lower and higher planets, some of the higher planets are Swargloka, Tapoloka, Satyaloka, etc. and smaller planets are Patala, Atala, Vitala, etc.


All possible timelines of these lower, middle and higher planets get observed by Lord Vishnu who resides in Garbhodaka Ocean.

Now as per the String theory and Rigveda too, there is not just a single material universe. There is an infinite number of universe’s which are floating in the Cosmic ocean.

Now all possible timelines of these universe’ are broadly known as multiverse which is observed by Maha Vishnu residing in the sixth dimension.
Hence, Lord Vishnu is observing the entire multiverse.

The seventh dimension is “Bramha Jyoti,” a yogi who did spiritual worship to attain this dimension.

The soul which attains Moksha lives in this dimension.

After gaining Moksha, a soul gets away from the vicious cycle of death and rebirth. ”Bramha Jyoti” is that spiritual space which connects the material universe to the higher spiritual Loka’s like Vaikuntha Loka, Golok dhama, etc. existing in the higher dimensions. Hence, yogis attain “Bramha Jyoti” first and then go beyond it if they are truly dedicated to God.

Parallel timeline of the eight dimension constitutes Kailasha. KAILASA is the place where Lord Shiva and Parvati reside, hence Lord Shiva lives in the eighth dimension of the universe.


The ninth Dimension is Vaikuntha-Loka. In this dimension trilateral expansion of Narayan exists. The tri-lateral extension indicates three forms of Narayan which are Karnodaksayi Vishnu, Garbhodkasayi Vishnu, and Kasirodaksiya Vishnu.
In this dimension, Narayana Narsingh avatar and Varaha avatar also exist.

The tenth dimension is Madhurya Dhama, this dimension captions all the higher spiritual worlds and this dhama is predominate of goodness.

In Madhurya Dhama there are five sub-levels of Lord Krishna, First sub level is a Quadruple expansion of Lord Krishna, i.e., Pradyumna, Vasudeva, Aniruddha, Sanskara.

Second sub level is Ayodhya Dham where Lord Ram resides.

Third and Fourth sub level is Dwarka Dham and Mathura Dham.

Pure devotees of Lord Krishna get the opportunity to serve in these sub-levels, which is far more superior than Moksha.

5th sub level is the highest level of the 10th dimension. This is the place where Parmeshwar – God of all gods resides. Golok Dhama exists at this level.

This is the place where Lord Krishna lives, no humans or another gods creation can reach this level.

This is the place where Parmeshwar – God of all gods resides. Golok Dhama exists at this level.

This is the place where Lord Krishna actually lives, no humans or another gods creation can reach this level.

Not only this but there are in numerous theories to look for in Hindu mythology.

Indian mythology is vast, and a single article won’t be enough to explain it. So if you know any such arguments which Science struggled to find, let us know!


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