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The Divorce
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The Divorce

Sunil and Aditi were sitting on the chair next to each other. It was advocate Jatin Sharma’s office. They both were waiting for him. Sunil had a pen in his hand and he was constantly tapping it on his desk. Aditi waited for 5 minutes but he was still doing it.

“Could you please stop it? At least behave yourself here” said Aditi in a frustrated tone.

Sunil gave her an uninterested look stopped banging pen for two minutes and again continued it.

“It’s useless talking to you,” said Aditi and gave a long breath.


The door opened and lawyer Mr. Jatin Sharma entered. He was one of the best advocates in the city. “So guys what you are doing here?” he asked and took a seat in front of them.

“Just for the entertainment. We were getting bored at our home so came here” said Aditi sarcastically and continued “of course we came for divorce”

“Ok. So what problem you guys have? I mean why divorce?” asked Jatin.


They both were ready to answer this question. They both started answering it together with lots of anger and screaming. “I can’t be with this person. He snores like some animal. I can’t sleep at all” said Aditi.

“If you can’t sleep then just leave me. Why are you still here? I’m tired of your constant nagging and complaining about everything. I too don’t want to be with you” said Sunil and they continued arguing. Seeing this for next 5 minutes and finally, Jatin broke his silence. “Guys enough” and there was a pin drop silence. Both were staring Jatin and apologized for their behavior.

“See I’m here to help you guys. I need enough papers and points to prove to the court that you both want a mutual divorce” justified Jatin.

“I want to talk to you both separately. One at a time” said Jatin. “I’ll start with Aditi”


Now the following conversation is been written one conversation with Aditi and other with Sunil,


Jatin: “So what issues you have?”

Aditi: “He is irritating. He just keeps things here and there. Doesn’t help me. Keeps his wet towel on the bed. Shoes over here and there. He just keeps whole house in mess”


Jatin: “So what problems you have with Aditi?”

Sunil: “She always complains. Always keeps nagging like why you put the wet towel on the bed, why you create so much mess. And those stupid TV serials of hers, where husbands have several affairs. After seeing those serials she behaves like I’m cheating on her.


Jatin: “Do you think Sunil will ever ditch you or cheat you?”

Aditi laughed and said “No ways. Sunil loves me a lot. He can never do that. But still, I just irritate him sometimes with stupid questions. He looks so cute when he answers innocently to all my questions”

Jatin: “How many years you’ve been married?”

Aditi: “7”

” 7 years and no kids? Was this mutual decision?” asked Jatin

Aditi had tears in her eyes. She replied “Doctor said I can’t conceive. I was broken”


The same question was asked to Sunil. Even he replied with teary eyes “Doctor said she can’t conceive. She was broken. She went into depression. But I had to be strong. So I decided to be bit careless. I used to keep her busy with household chores.”


Jatin: “Your’s was love or arrange marriage?”

Aditi said in flat tone “Love”

Jatin thought this was the perfect way to remind them of their love and the start of their journey.

Jatin asked, “So how you guys met?”


Aditi smiled and said “I went with my friend to her house for a party. Even he was there. He noticed me and came to talk to me”

The same question was asked to Sunil and he replied with a cute smile “I went to my friend’s house. And she was sitting in a corner because her friend was busy with guests at her place. She was playing with a pen in her hand. I went and talked to her. Then we both went for a walk on a beach. There we saw a kulfi-wallah. But he had only one kulfi left. We shared that kulfi and that’s how we ended up falling in love”

The same narration was given by Aditi with an expression of calmness.

Next day Jatin called both of them to the office at 9:00 am. They went.

“So guys what’s the plan now. When should I submit the file in court?” asked Jatin

They both were confused, staring at each other. And then a knock came on Jatin’s door. “Come in,” Jatin said. It was his peon. “Ohh bring. Keep it here” said Jatin.

The peon came with a plate covered with other plate and placed it on the table in front of Sunil and Aditi.

“What is this?” asked Aditi in surprise.

“Open and check,” said Jatin

Aditi opened the plate with lots of curiosity. There was a single kulfi in the plate. Both saw the kulfi and remembered their first meeting. Both were smiling.


“So what’s the final decision?” asked Jatin with a naughty smile.

“It can hold for a long while. Maybe we’ll never come back to you for divorce” replied Aditi in same happiness.

“Now have this before it gets melted,” said Jatin and bid them goodbye.


“In our lives, we get busy chasing big moments that we miss out those small moments which can mean a lot to us. So let’s keep the kid alive inside and create or re-live small moments rather than chasing big ones.”


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