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“Snapchat CEO: India is poor!” Read in what context he said it.
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Couple of weeks ago when Snapchat Ceo called India poor in an interview, people just went furious and started uninstalling Snapchat ( Yes! I pity Snapdeal :p). Beside the uninstalling scenario Indians are good in sarcasm too, they replied Evan Spiegel in the funniest and sarcastic way possible.

We can’t imagine our life without internet. The era in which internet is used for education, work, entertainment, shopping, banking, booking tickets, communication etc. Our life is so reliable on internet that if it is stopped for even a single day there will be a mess everywhere.


But is India really poor?


Does it have a very low number of internet & mobile internet users?


So we thought to bring in some amazing facts about India and internet. Let Evan Spiegel know with whom he was messing this time.

Also read in what context he said it.

“Well He can buy Snapchat 7 times and still he’ll have 2 billions with him :P”

BTW U.S. is the home country for Snapchat.

Take a note Mr. Spiegel

Well, the current state is Zip! Zap!! Zoom!!!

There is a Hindi saying “Subhe ka bhula agar shaam ko aa jaye toh use bhula nahi kehte” but that doesn’t means you can come after 3 years.

We’ll keep counting!!

Inka Internet bhi China hai kya

So let’s come on the most important topic.

Did he even say this?

Well reports say that he made this statement in 2015 but no one is sure. So it might be in news from so many days for a complete wrong reason.

Here’s the context.

All he wanted to say, Well snapchat requires high-end smart phones and high bandwidth data which can cover large areas, yes this is true we all have experienced it in 2G networks and 3G phones. The majority of his users are from countries having this technology and this is the only reason why Snapchat is not doing well in countries which don’t have high-end phones and high bandwidth data. So he cited India & Spain as examples.

But soon as India is taking steps to go digital and also thanks to Reliance Jio to make 4G affordable. In a few years India will be a favorable country to all start-ups including Snapchat.

See ya! Evan.



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