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Sometimes Dwelling In the Past Is Good
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Sometimes Dwelling In the Past Is Good

Sometimes, in a chain of thoughts, we end up thinking how things have changed in the past few years. About how we learnt some things the difficult way and how in the end it was all worth it.

About how as kids we were fascinated by fairies and how the world in short stories, we thought, was there for real. How over the years we realized that fairies were imaginary characters only to inspire us and the morals in short stories were for other people to give us a dose of their morals (which they seldom apply to their own lives) when we go wrong.

As little kids, a ‘katti’ would mark the beginning of a rivalry but a ‘sorry’ and a smile would bring everything back to peace. Unlike now, when most ‘sorries’ aren’t true enough and faking a smile has become so much easier.

Back in the days when we played with a big bunch of friends, calling all of them our true buddies. Days when we did what came to our mind, without giving it a second thought. Little did we know, that one day when we grow up, believing in everyone around wouldn’t be that easy anymore and overthinking would be an inseparable part of our lives.



Times when we were little babies and every smallest thing would make us laugh and giggle. When our laughter would make the entire house blissful. When we would give away a smile to a stranger without giving a thought about who or how they were. Times when we cared less and smiled more. Little did we know that caring too much and smiling less would one day become our daily routine.

So, from happy little souls who thought the whole world was a fantasy, we grew up and life happened. But it’s worth it, you know, all of it. Because no matter how tough life gets, there will always be a way to find happiness.



Dreaming sometimes, even when you grow up is always a good idea. For the people who bother, just smile and let go.

We can always forgive people with a pure heart, even if their sorry isn’t true enough.
When you have had some of the best moments of your life with them, even two close friends are enough.

So, let’s learn how to find happiness. Let’s do things that help us to grow and make us smile.

Maybe this is what growing up is all about. Maybe this is to teach us that happiness isn’t around but within us. To tell us that one can be happy even when growing up by keeping the child in them alive. By keeping that spark of curiosity, that enthusiasm and the perspective to look at anything in a positive way and finding happiness in the smallest of things around us.



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