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Spoiler Alert! 10 Most Exciting Things That Can Happen In The Upcoming Season of Game Of Thrones
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Spoiler Alert! 10 Most Exciting Things That Can Happen In The Upcoming Season of Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones season 7 is nearing and may the gods have mercy, it is going to be a hell of a season. GOT never fails to blow our minds. The most awaited things are going to happen in this season, for which fans are waiting since season 1. The great war is coming and winter is already upon us. The seven kingdoms face the wrath of the Knight’s kings and his huge army of wights, many other situations will come to pass that we fans are just dying to witness. As to how might things turn out, what all our favorite characters will go through and will they survive it?

So let’s dive into knowing some possible events and situations which might happen this season. But first, let’s watch the latest season 7 trailer to have a fresh idea of the article

Dany Will Never Sit On The Iron Throne

Daenerys stormborn, mother of dragons who has a full montage of names will never be able to sit on the iron throne. You ask why? because it’s Game Of Thrones and we know things never turn up the way we anticipate. It would be too obvious considering the journey of Dany, who goes from being a princess to leading a horde of Dothraki and now her journey back to Westeros. It is way too obvious to think she might sit on the iron throne and rule the seven kingdoms. She might change her priorities if Jon tells her about the threat that approaches from the north and she might decide to help him out, travel to the north to save the humanity.

Cersei Lannister Might Die

Our new Queen, Cersei of the House Lannister, the mad queen who now sits on the iron throne and is legitimately “The Queen” of the seven kingdoms fears a prophecy foretold by a woods witch. The prophecy is that she will marry the king, not the prince, she will bear 3 children but they will die before her “gold will be their crowns and gold their shrouds”, that she will be queen but will be cast down by a new more beautiful one and in the end, the valonqar will wrap his hands around her pale neck and choke the life out of her. Now, there are disputes about who is the valonqar (valonqar means little brother in high valyrian) it can be Tyrion who she thinks is the valonqar and will be the one to kill her but remember Jaime is also her little brother, it’s true that they are twins but she came out of her mother first and then Jaime came holding her leg, which makes him her little brother. And we know his hatred for wildfire and the madness that comes along with it, he has already killed a king to save the realm from burning, now will he kill the queen?

No One Will Sit On The Iron Throne

We think in the end it wouldn’t matter who sits on the iron throne, who rules the seven kingdoms because we know that the real war is approaching. The white walkers are coming with their mighty army of the undead. In all this mess do you think it matters that who will sit on that ugly iron chair? No, cause there would be no one left alive if the Knight’s king crosses the wall. They would swipe across the seven kingdoms and kill every living being that passes them. In the end no one will sit on the iron throne after the war between the living and the undead.

The Knight’s King Will Kill Them All

Imagine if the Knight’s king crosses the wall with his huge army of wights, they will kill every living being and the white walkers will raise the dead again as wights. Imagine what would happen to the Night’s watch, what would happen to the North, to the East, the West, the South, they will have no mercy on anyone. They will crawl across the seven kingdoms making them barren, hunting all the life and bringing winter along with them. The white walkers are the powerful ruthless brutal creatures who just know to kill, we are not aware of their intentions yet, but they are a killing machine.

One Of The Dragons Might Die

We’re sorry to say but yes, one of them might die. We saw some pictures of Dany and Jon meeting. The mother of dragons might agree to help out Jon with the white walkers and take one of her babies to the north. And when the Knight’s king tries to cross the wall with his army, she might unleash the dragon upon them to fire them up. In the process, the Knight’s king might use his full power to control the dragon and convert the fire breathing monster into an ice breathing one. It is possible Y’all should agree.

Melisandre Reveals Her Real Self

The red women have flattered us all with her beauty and physical appearance in the previous seasons. She was this beautiful slender figured tall women with powers out of this world. But in the last season we saw her real self, she is an old tired lady, very very old soul who has seen some shit and has the power to resurrect the dead. The beautiful actress who plays the character Melisandre, Carice Van Houten, posted a picture on Instagram of herself wearing the old lady makeup. We bet, something’s going to happen in this season that will reveal the real Melisandre to the world.

Littlefinger Tries To Manipulate Sansa

This sick bastard will never leave the world at peace, he always has to do something to ruin it all. In the season 7 trailer, we saw him whispering in Sansa’s ears, telling her about her rights and legitimacy in the Stark household. Sansa is a naive character, she was easily manipulated by Cersei and Littlefinger in the past but she knows the game now. Littlefinger has clearly expressed his intentions and affection for her, it might be his trick to gain her trust back but we know for sure that the North will never be at peace in his presence.

Arya Kills Littlefinger

Arya Stark has chiseled her way up from being an innocent little tomboy, to becoming a skilled badass assassin. She learned from many teachers, first Jon who gave her Needle, her father who told her to stay in the pack, Syrio Forel who taught her sword fight, the Hound, Jaqen H’ghar, the waif who taught her about the gift of death. We know for sure that she is travelling north and at some point, she will reach Winterfell. Arya avenged her mother’s and brother’s murder by killing Lord Walder Frey in the previous season. Well in the coming season we think that she will attain the knowledge that Littlefinger had cheated her father and helped others to kill him. We would seriously rejoice if she kills him.

Bran Reaches Winterfell

Brandon Stark the last greenseer is the new “Three eyed Raven” and is probably the most powerful human in Game Of Thrones, yes he has powers beyond limits, the old weir-wood trees provide him with the knowledge of the past and the future. The previous three eyed Raven has trained Bran enough to deal with the immense power and knowledge that comes with it. He can look into the past and know things. This season he will cross the wall and reach Winterfell, as we saw in the trailer, him sitting near the weirwood tree of Winterfell, spying the Knight’s king. He will help Jon and team against the Knight’s king to defeat him and save the humanity.

Dany Joins The Wolfpack For Human Survival

As we all know Daenerys is very emotional and stubborn when it comes to save the common folk and ensure their survival. We saw what she did to the slave masters of Meereen, how she ends slavery. We bet she might do the same thing in Westeros to save the whole humanity. We know for sure that Dany meets Jon and company this season. She might acknowledge the real enemy who is coming from the north and decide to help Jon against him. We might see her riding Drogon straight beyond the wall to ensure the Knight’s king’s defeat and she might sacrifice her own life and that of Drogon’s to save the whole world from this ice monster.

Whatever happens in Game Of Thrones season 7, we are going to enjoy it and appreciate it, no matter what.


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