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State Symbols Of Maharashtra | State Animal Of Maharashtra
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State Symbols Of Maharashtra | State Animal Of Maharashtra

When it comes to animal diversity, we only talk about a place like Africa or Amazon forest, overlooking our own Indian Wild Life.

India, a South-Asian country with a diverse land, consisting of 29 states and seven union territories with a total 79.42 million hectares of forest area.

India contains some of the rarest and beautiful animal species with thousands of ants and frog species.
From the world-famous Bengal Tiger to the rarest Lion Tailed Macaque.

Our National Emblem consists of these animals as a sign of pride, prosperity and wealth.
Likewise, each of the Indian-States has their state seals and state symbols. These symbols include state animals, birds, trees, flowers and even butterflies.

Maharashtra is the home of Western Ghats. ( Sahyadri )
It is one of the eight “hottest hotspots” of biological diversity in the world.

Yes! One of the Eight, In the World.

So, be ready to get amazed as we bring you some of the most beautiful species who are the state symbols of Maharashtra.


1. State Animal Of Maharashtra – Indian Giant Squirrel

Scientific Name – Ratufa Indica
The Chocolate brown coloured Indian giant squirrel is the habitat of Maharastra’ rainforest, and it rarely leave the trees.
Its natural habitat is the tall, branched trees, which helps them in the building of their nest.
It travels from tree to tree with jumps of up to 6m (20 ft).
They are generally solitary animals that only come together for breeding, and its ultimate solitariness makes it challenging to sight this beautiful animal.
The species plays a vital role in shaping the ecosystem of its habitat by engaging in seed dispersal.
Also known as Shekru in Marathi. Indian giant squirrel is one of the most beautiful and most massive tree squirrels in the world.

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2. State Butterfly Of Maharashtra – Blue Mormon 


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5. State Flower Of Maharashtra – Pride of India

Scientific Name – Lagerstroemia speciosa

As beautiful as this flower is, there is a story behind its arrival in our country, Swedish naturalist with their colonial capture brought this flower to India.

In Marathi known by the name “Tamhan”. The meaning of which is the flower is spectacular or showy.
Pride of India cultivates in warm weather, western ghats long summer season helps this flower to glow at its best.




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