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10 Ways To Stay Calm And Cool During The Thunderous Boards Season
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10 Ways To Stay Calm And Cool During The Thunderous Boards Season

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Random doubts and discussions with friends, countless mugs of coffee, group studies, sleepless nights and hours of revision sessions, that’s what sums up the life of a 10th and 12th standard student in these ongoing months, typically called the boards months.

Being a person who has been there, done that, it pretty much feels very nostalgic to think of those good old days. Because amidst all the stress, anxiety, fear etc., there’s this all worth it kind of vibe to these days because even if one doesn’t realize it then, these are some of the most cherished and fondly remembered days of one’s life.

So, to all the folks out there preparing for the boards, here’s a word for you. This isn’t going to be cliché piece of writing saying how boards don’t mean anything, because yes, they are important, but not more than a person’s life or happiness. For some time, put those notes aside and read along to see the 10 ways to stay calm and cool during the thunderous boards season.

1.  Make time for yourself


Amidst all the chaos and worries about your boards, planning about further studies and worrying if you will be able to score well, stop for a while. Make time for yourself. Exercise, play a sport, listen to music, go for a walk, scribble a doodle, talk with your family and friends, make some me time.

2. Boards are important, but they aren’t everything


Boards have a huge cloud built around it. A lot has been said that just a piece of paper and a few grades don’t decide anything, but let’s get this clear, though to a very small extent, they do. Having said that, failing at it doesn’t mean the end of the world either. So, without stressing yourself much, work hard, try your best and you need not worry about the rest.

3. There’s always hope


If you are worrying about how that Math test would be just because you spoiled your last paper, remember there’s always hope and you can turn the odds in your favour just by putting in a little more effort. So, instead of worrying, plan out on how you can improve. Look at your strengths and work more on them.

4. Find fun in studies

Studying isn’t as boring as it seems. Remember your concepts by making jokes about them, by imagining fun situations which can relate to your studies. It’s much easier and fun to study this way.

5. Shed those walls you’ve built around yourself

Often during such times of stress, people tend to build up walls around themselves. You don’t feel like talking to anyone because you fear being judged. But keeping everything to yourself will only generate more negative thoughts. Talk to the people around you whom you trust.

6. Take frequent breaks


Working hard is more than essential, true. But, don’t end up bottling yourself with too much studying. Focus on quality more than quantity and take some peaceful breaks in between.

7. Find inspiration around you

Talk to people around you about how they dealt with their exams. Read success stories and also failure stories, both are equally important to inspire and guide you through.

8. You are stronger than you think


This may sound too philosophical, but it’s actually true. No matter how difficult you think this situation is, you are going to make it through. Ten years down the road, you’ll be laughing at the kind of problems you have now because by then, you would have faced much bigger obstacles and survived. Not just survived but survived with an ‘it’s all worth it’ attitude.

9. Realize this is one of the best phases of your life


Trust me with this one, the things you are fussing about right now are going to make you laugh once you grow up. Life gets tougher as you grow up but it’s all worth it. So, live these days to the fullest because one day, when you are worried about your job, paying your bills and feeling lost, you’ll look back at these days with a big wide smile on your face.

10. Give your best


Lastly, with all the strengths you have along with the hard work, give your best. Once you honestly work hard, at least you know you tried your best regardless of what the result is. And if you genuinely try your best, you are bound to pass your exams with flying colors.

So, to every student out there reading this, here’s wishing you all the best. Smile and know that you have the strength that’s needed for facing obstacles that are much bigger than what these board exams seem to be. Believe in yourself and go ahead. Trust us, everything’s going to be fine and there’s lot more to life than this.


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