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5 Things Every Young Adult Should Do
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5 Things Every Young Adult Should Do

We live in a country that has 65% of its population below 35 years of age, we are a young progressive nation that is stripping off its archaic beliefs and taking its first steps towards free thinking and open-mindedness through the youngsters, but along with it comes the great responsibility on their callow shoulders, of doing some good towards our country and simultaneously living and exploring their own lives.

Well then, let’s dive into making their lives a teeny bit easy and compelling with an interesting approach to five things every youngster should do or rather experience.


As Hans Christian Andersen puts in, “To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, To gain all while you give, To roam the roads of lands remote, To travel is to live.” makes sense right? Traveling makes you experiment with your own comfort zone, it compels you to try on new things and adjust according to the surrounding. In a way that teaches us, rather invokes in us, the ability to understand the world in a different way with fresh new spectacles.

Once you get habitual to this new way of living, you loosen up that constant control which you have on yourself, the overpowering tendency to have everything under control. Not that I am saying it’s wrong, but giving yourself a slack sometimes is good, right?

This newly gained vision of yours also makes you understand that life gives you 2nd chance and it’s for good, just be open for any change, a better change.

Stay close to nature as much as you can

Have any of you climbed a tree? I remember back when we were kids, me and my friends would climb a tree and hop on one of its branches, sit there for hours just staring at the sky and feeling the cold breeze. I bet only a few of you might recall an experience like this from their childhood. But to sit there and feel the moment was a delight for our adolescent brains, observing the chirping birds, chasing their movements with eyes, looking at the newly sprouted leaves, that all was amazing. I pity those who haven’t.

Strolling through the jungle whenever we went to our native, these things are really helpful for us, in order to calm our minds and focus on what is important. During these long strolls, with nature’s sweet sounds in the background, you can contemplate on many path breaking decisions that you ought to take. Walking on the off roads, taking sharp turns from where your instincts guide you. For some wise man has said “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”.

In a way it helps you calm your nerves and be a little patient with life, it inspires our curious mind to excavate new paths and walk on them “Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished”.

Read Books

There are a lot of books in the world, just read them. It’s never a waste of time to have your mind go through some literally amazing words, every word you read has its own vague impression on your mind and like every other forte, they have different genres to choose from, like fiction, science fiction, drama, romance, self-help, horror, mystery etc. what more do you want! Choose to spend your leisure time in tranquillity.

It certainly benefits your vocabulary, and your speech which let’s accept is a major part of our daily life. Books also help us in figuring out other person’s point of view, as we are in a habit to read the author’s mind and the characters which he/she describe, it’s because we almost walk in their shoes through the book.

They also influence us to not repeat the mistakes history has made, make us wise and patient in a way. So get yourself to read some incredible books.

Explore yourself

As established civilians, we are bound to the fast running course of our lives, our tendency to rush and come first on the never ending paths we choose for ourselves, could be clueless and misguiding for us at some occasions. Our heart tries to replenish the dreams we saw and believed in, again and again, but we keep muddling deeper into the wormhole that we’re stuck in.

You should no doubt listen to your intuitions, there you may find your true self, what you are capable of and in what you might excel. Be it in your career or an important decision, intuitions always guide you precisely. Start from noticing yourself, in what we generally think or do in our daily life, you can have a clear idea of your own person by that.

Believing in your own thoughts and not letting other’s thoughts intervene your decisions, surely makes you more confident and you start relying on your own self. Seek out for your passion and accept the fact that you can follow it, despite being busy, you can always take out time for what you love. Your survival would be more joyful in this bitter-sweet world.

Keeping technology at bay for sometime

Sometimes, don’t you think it’s irritating when your boss or colleague texts you at 11.00 pm regarding some crappy email, that your client would die if he didn’t receive the presentation at the very moment. Heck yeah, it is! Isn’t it good to be away from this, for some time at least?

I know technology has aided our kind in many ways and will continue aiding us no matter what, sometimes it’s needed, for example for an operation that requires precision or a helping hand in big industries. But nowadays we have started overusing it, we always have our mobile phones, tabs and laptops around us. We constantly seek for an opportunity to use them, whether it’s needed or not, we always have to carry them everywhere. Technology has become a distraction of a kind, it doesn’t let you concentrate on your priority (for eg. even while writing this very blog my phone keeps ringing and distracting me).

In a way, technology has also limited us in various ways. We now eschew even the idea of meeting someone in person, we choose to text someone instead of meeting them. We have started parting from the real world and delving deep into the technological world with all the gadgets at hand to assist us even with simple tasks. We humans should understand the fact that we need to avert ourselves from technology sometimes, for our own good.

These are some suggestion from my point of view to make our lives a little less messy, five things every young adult should do or experience.  



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