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7 Things That Actually Should Have Been Taught In Schools
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7 Things That Actually Should Have Been Taught In Schools

During our school time, we’ve learned many things that were important according to our education system or helped us in passing those dreadful exams. But, what about the real-life lessons? There are numerous things that we need to be taught in schools to thrive in life.

We’ve been told our entire lives that to prepare for adulthood, we need to work hard and get good grades, but how can we prepare when we don’t know how even to cook or pay our bills?

Here are seven real-life things that should have been taught in schools:


1. How to pay taxes

I don’t know where to start. How to pay taxes? How to even sign up to pay taxes? How to file ITR? Am I really eligible for paying taxes?

If only someone had taught me any of this earlier, life would be so much easier.


2. How to get the perfect job

This one is really important. When it comes to a job interview, everything matters. You need to take care of every small thing from your clothes to your resume, but do we actually know how to prepare for it?

The ultimate purpose of passing all those exams was landing an excellent job in the future, but still, no one taught us how to get one.


3. How to handle mental health

We are living in an age of comparison – from salary comparison to even Facebook and Instagram likes, every day we pressurise ourselves by these constant comparisons. If not this, then a continuous pressure of getting ahead in life, all of this has done a lot of harm to our mental health.

Though we learned a lot in schools about dealing with physical injuries and sickness, no one really told us how to deal with anxiety or depression.


4. How to defend yourself

Every day we hear so many stories of someone getting robbed, or raped, or kidnapped, and we’re never prepared for such situations if we come across any of them.

In order to be self-dependent, our foundation should be strong. We should know how to fight back or at least escape dangerous situations. After all, no one can keep a pepper spray with them all the time.


5. How to make conversation

I can bet most of us don’t know how to start a conversation with a stranger. Either we don’t know how to approach someone or what should we talk about with them.

It’d be really helpful if my school taught me about starting a conversation without making me look creepy or awkward. Agree?


6. How to save money

Raise your hand if you too deal with some serious budget crunch at the month end!

I’m 25, and I still need help when it comes to saving money, most of us do. I don’t even know where all my money goes, leaving me with only peanuts at the end of the month. I need someone to teach me how to save money while continuing my current lifestyle.


7. How to overcome failure

Forget life no one even told me how to deal with low grades and the pressure that comes with it. It’s important that we know that life is not all about flowers and colours, in fact, it’s not at all about it. Real life is full of failures, but also learning that comes after it.

Not everyone knows how to deal with these failures, and that sometimes leads to self-doubt and in some cases, depression. We could’ve done a lot better in life if someone had told us that failure is okay, and we can get over with it.


What are your thoughts on our education system? Do you find it good enough, or you think it needs some serious amendments? Let us know in the comment section below.


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