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10 Romantic Tips To Make Your Valentine’s The Most Memorable Day!
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10 Romantic Tips To Make Your Valentine’s The Most Memorable Day!

It is the time of love and I can already feel it in the air. All of you must be scratching your head to come up with a new idea or a surprise for your loved one and make it a memorable day.

If you are already out of choices and can’t think anymore, I got you covered.

Follow these 10 tips/ ideas to make this Valentine’s the most remarkable one.

Plan an entire day out doing some adrenaline rushing activities that will help you get to know each other more, making your bond stronger. Something like a trek/ lakeside camp/rappelling etc.

Spend your day at pre-planned Valentine’s day events at Imagica, Essel world, Snow world, Smaash or any other resort.

Go on a road trip with your loved one or if single with your friends.

If you stay away from each other but have access to one another’s houses somehow, plan a scavenger hunt for the person from the time they wake up to the time you end up meeting each other. You can add small gifts like chocolates or roses to the scavenger hunt.

Try your Valentine’s day outfit in advance, try sitting, walking, and may be dancing in it – you do not want last minute wardrobe malfunction on this day.

Keep your perfume game light but lit. Apply some Vaseline on your wrist, behind your neck, ear, and on your shoulders (because that smells good when someone hugs you) and then apply perfume. That will keep it for a longer time.

Recreate one of your favourite dates or moments. Revisit places that mean something to both of you or if you are single-revisit the place that you had the most fun at with your friends.

If you are going really on a low budget, use words wisely. Write one or a couple of cute letters – add some chocolate to each letter and give them through the day to your significant other.


If you are going to propose someone or wish to get proposed by a particular person you have been hanging out with (and are sure they feel the same of you) then wear RED and go somewhere adventurous. That helps.

Be yourself. Being extra on Valentine’s day and then going complete low-key can scar your relationship a lot.

At the end of the day, do all you do genuinely and with all the love you can foster. It will work just perfect.



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