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Lets End This Veg VS Non-Veg War And Take a Bite Peacefully.
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Lets End This Veg VS Non-Veg War And Take a Bite Peacefully.

Since we are talking about food, how can we leave behind the much talked about the controversy of veg vs non-veg. So, let’s begin the war of vegan biryani and chicken biryani, shall we?

After mobile phones and internet, the huge variety of food is the next best thing that has happened to mankind. With so many lip-smacking dishes available, it is a no-nonsense affair when it comes to the relationship of humans with food.

There are foodies who can eat anything, anywhere and have the best time of their lives and then there are people who count the number of calories every damn food item is going to inject into them.




To begin with, let’s get this clear that being a vegan is absolutely different from being a vegetarian.

Now, let’s get back to vegan which is basically a person who not only do not eat animals but also has a strict no-no for anything that even derives from animals. And so, non-vegans are, obviously the people who eat these things.



Now, it is surely agreed that being a non-vegan comes with its own benefits for foodies. You get to eat all kinds of cool, Instagram friendly and equally yum food.

But, on the other hand, in the world where green tea and salad are also gaining equal attention, being a vegan has it’s own plus points too. You eat healthily and hence feel good about yourself for taking good care of your own.

Also, you have this “Oh yes, I just took a step towards making the earth better” kind of satisfaction. Though it may make one feel left out at parties when you see people stuffing all the delicious stuff in their mouths, but when it comes to health, you know what your kind of delicious is.



What kind of food to eat should be left on to the person to decide. Instead of judging the other for being too health conscious or too foodie, let’s leave it to the person to decide and rather enjoy what he/she love to eat.

Because, a person’s eating habit is something no one should mess with, absolutely no one. This is clear by the very fact that the only things that make a person most impatient are a weak internet connection and the second one being that famously funny situation where the waiter brings in food, you think it’s yours, but it’s of the person sitting on the table next to you.

So, you have this emotional roller coaster ride from being hopeful to having a downfall of hopes so you end up giving the waiter and the person sitting on the next table a look of sophisticated anger and then continue being hopeful. So, in a nutshell, leave it to the person to decide and stop judging. In the same way as it is for beauty, so it is for what tastes delicious.

Just like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, what tastes good is totally what tongue decides. So if you think some food isn’t delicious, it may not be the same for the whole world. Let’s get at peace with this today and enjoy our meals a little more than ever. Live and let live. Eat and let eat. Go, grab your favourite food and eat it right away.


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