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10 Fashion Tips to Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive.
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10 Fashion Tips to Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive.

Fashion is often considered as a social phenomenon where Celebrities and Designers much influence people. We usually adore to wear the best outfit and look awesome, but it is not possible to keep shopping every time. So let’s discuss here some fashion tips to make our outfits look expensive.

Stop washing your stuff too much:

You all might have noticed that if you wash your clothes extensively the shine from the clothes disappear and they no longer find a place in your wardrobe. Washing clothes often wears down the fabrics and fades the colours, making them look old and cheap. You can always hang them to breathe after your wear. It will keep your clothes that way longer, so next time when you are ready to put your dress in the laundry basket instead try hanging on an open rack to let air circulate through the fibers.


Organize your wardrobe:

Keep your daily wear clothes and outdoor clothes separately. As regular wear clothes need everyday washing, you can always slip into regular wear clothes as soon as the purpose of the outdoor outfit is fulfilled. This way it can reduce wrinkles from your outfits. You would avoid it washing, and thus clothes will retain shine. The next time when you want to wear the same outfit merely iron the clothes. Take five to ten minutes to press your clothes and look instantly polished.


Shop Denim:

Denim always raises your style quotient. You can pair denim jeans with a nice tee, and that will make you look classy. Always maintain a denim collection because they never get outdated. Denim Jackets, shirts, skirts always make you look chic and expensive.


Go Monochromatic:

There’s a reason why black is always viewed as chic; literally everyone looks good in it! It matches everything, and it hides stains easily! While you don’t have to have an all-black wardrobe, black instantly boosts your look and gives a sense of class that’s parallel to none. An outfit that’s monochromatic looks planned & usually well put together. Neutral colours never go wrong. White tees and jackets always look impressive.


Colour Blocking:

If you are tired of wearing your outfit in the same format, you can always mix and match and make your outfit look finesse. If you’re ready to mix it up, begin with the primary colours: blue, red, and yellow (Red plus blue makes purple, yellow plus blue makes green, and so on.) We always add white to make shades lighter, and black is added to make it look darker, vice-a-versa.

When a colour is mixed with black, making it darker, that’s a shade. Navy, for example, is a darker shade of blue.

When a colour is mixed with white, making it light, it makes a tint. Pink, for example, is a lighter tint of red.

The basic trick to mix-n-match here is to put together colours that are either on the opposite ends of the standard colour wheel (e.g., blue & orange) or all on the same side (e.g., the different tones from orange to violet)


Match it with Accessories:

Enhance your entire outlook by pairing it with perfect accessories. The same outfit can every time be adorned with heels, a colourful scarf, a statement-making pair of earrings,  a cross-body bag, and suddenly the outfit turns expensive. You can always embellish your look with watches and structured handbags. Wear beautiful accessories that standout to make you look super stylish.


Selection of Fabrics:

Go for fabrics like linen, faux suede, and cotton that look expensive. Cotton is the real MVP of fashion. It’s super low-maintenance, easily washable, and natural fibers that will let you breathe. Natural fabrics like linen feel expensive because they have the exact opposite feel. It actually gets better with age. With your clothing label know-how, you can make smarter and more luxurious fabric choices.


Carry Shrugs:

Shrugs are always in fashion. Short shrugs or long shrugs. Make sure you have a collection of shrugs. You can always pair them with your dresses or jeans and tee. Shrugs always give confidence to your attire. So why not add confidence to our look.


Add a Fresh Fragrance:

The attire is always incomplete without a fragrance. Perfumes always add freshness and escalate your style quotient.


Keep it Simple:

Last but not the least, fashion for me is something through which you can breathe and carry it easily. Ensemble your outfit with the right amount of attitude and confidence, always wear a smile to add polish to the complete attire. If you carry these traits, you will always look magnificent.


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