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9 Most Influential Fashion Divas Around The World
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9 Most Influential Fashion Divas Around The World

In this digital world wherein we spend a lot of time on social networking sites, fashion is gro1wing manifold. We always follow our favourite celebrities on Instagram and keep ourselves updated with their fashion. Be it any event we always notice their casual and party wear attires and manage to click the screenshot of the dresses we love. Thanks to social networking sites that are making us fall in love with the celebrities. Some celebrities make us go gaga over their attires. Below are 9 most influential fashion divas listed:

Sonam Kapoor:

Photo credit An ultimate fashion diva who is the daughter of Anil Kapoor is profoundly known for her fashion sense. She believes in experimenting with her looks. She is known as Queen of Jewels. She adores the most beautiful jewellery and we all know her love for neckpieces both in gold and diamond. She has a strong penchant for old-world jewellery. That is the reason on her big D-day she had worn her mother’s choker necklace. She has a global presence and people always wait to watch her Cannes look. She always comes up with new mix and match. She has a very beautiful and bold attitude ensembled with honesty.

Kareena Kapoor Khan:

Photo credit Personally, I adored Kareena Kapoor’s fashion presence during her maternity phase. The way she carried her maternity with perfect attires is what influences me the most. Pregnancy never took fashion away from her. The attitude with w1hich she carried herself is remarkable. Everyone was just pleasantly surprised whenever she stepped out of her home. She even participated in Lakme Fashion week and wore Sabyasachi lehenga and looked drop dead gorgeous. From adorning the best maxi dresses with different patterns she had created a new style statement for all preggers. With the pregnancy glow on her face and perfect attitude, she had taken fashion industry at buzz.

Bella Hadid:

Photo credit Hadid embraces all the elements which make her fit into the category of supermodels. She is the constant person who is a paparazzi magnet. She has a unique fashion sense to which media always gets glared. Be it at a charity event or any other event she adorns her best outfits. She portrays the perfect balance between commercial and niche appeal and marks her presence with her catwalk looks. She has made her signature style with metallic handbags. Also at Cannes, her elegance is personified.


Photo credit The satirical singer who never fails to impress us with her best attires. The daredevil fashion is what makes her spectacular, it’s her satirical risk-taker attitude that makes her bold and beautiful. She is dressed by some of the world’s best designers like Gucci and Tom Ford and she looks audacious and sexy.

Kim Kardashian

Photo credit Kim Kardashian is always in the media attention featuring her fashion. You will always hear her name in the limelight making fashion statements. She adores the glamorous fashion sense. From sweatshirts to slip shirts she never fails to impress. She always keeps her fashion chic.  

Manish Malhotra:

Photo credit Manish Malhotra is one of the ace designers who is embellishing the entire industry with his designs. He is one of the talented fashion designers in India who has embarked on a journey of glamour. His innovative taste is a magical blend of rich textures like satin, Georgette, silk, and chiffon. It’s his art to design subtle yet magical collection. His art always inspires and have given a new direction to the fashion industry. Latest to grab attention was Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif walking the ramp for him.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee:

Photo credit The most famous fashion designer for bridal looks has taken everyone w11ith a blow. Every girl just wants to personify their event with Sabyasachi lehenga. He has created a statement in the fashion industry by designing the best bridal outfits. Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma bridal lehenga created by Sabyasachi was a treat to watch. Designer Sabyasachi creates new templates and set their own rules. I must say I am in love with their collection.

Priyanka Chopra:

She has the knack of pulling the different outfits. Every outfit she wears fits her to the best. Be it a sari, she had earned the caption of Desi Girl. She is just polished and embellishes flawless beauty. Be it traditional or western outfits she is just consistent. She has her presence globally making new fashion statements.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra.

I think she is just beautiful and we can credit her beauty to her fitness. The Yoga and domestic diva has the best options to make your body healthy and beautiful. It’s the diet which makes her look immensely beautiful and it’s her yoga which makes her fit in every outfit. She is just a trendsetter who is gaining a lot of attention because of her fashion sense. We should really say thanks to these celebrities who are keeping fashion alive every day and also help us to increase our shopping list. Keep yourself posted and updated Guys!

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